1. Chakra Root Chakra

1. Chakra, the Root Chakra

Muladhara Chakra (Mula = root, adhara = support)

The root chakra is the lowest chakra and is located at the level of the coccyx. It is open at the bottom and connects us energetically to the earth. It is our root, accordingly called root chakra. Here lies the first level of consciousness of man. After birth, the young person first experiences himself as helpless. His consciousness is basic trust and security.

This chakra connects us to the physical world, the earthly. A disorder can manifest itself physically, for example, in constipation, low back pain or bone disease. Mentally, it occurs in the form of existential fears or a lack of trust in others.

In the following table we summarized the most important information and assignments corresponding to the Root Chakra for you:

namesMūlādhāra, Root Chakra, Basic Chakra, Root Center, Basic Center, 1st Chakra
subjectsOriginal life force; basic survival needs of humans; physical level of sexuality; basic trust; Attachment to the earth; Relationship to the material level of life; Stability and assertiveness.
locationBetween anus and genitals
energy consumptionOpens down, picks up energy from below
Body MappingSolid components of the body, bones, spine, teeth and nails Affects the intestine, prostate, blood and cell structure. Effective for earth bondage, stimulating all sensual pleasures.
sensory functionSense of smell
glandsAdrenals / spleen and probably the Peyer’s lymphoid follicles
hormonesEpinephrine, norepinephrine, aldosterone, cortisone
stonesAgate, blood jasper, garnet, red coral, ruby, garnet, hematite, onyx, rhodonite, black tourmaline
To dyeRed
flavorsCarnation, rosemary, ginger, vetiver, cypress, cedar
Bach flowerClematis, Sweet Chestnut, Rock Rose
IncenseDammar, camphor, frankincense, myrrh, cedar, spikenard, musk, sandalwood, aloe wood, oakmoss, vetiver, patchouli, carnation, copal
symbolFour-petalled lotus flower
light beingsAscended Masters: Lady Nada, Seraphis Bey, Christ, Pallas Athena, Sanat Kumara
Archangel: Uriel

1. Chakra Root Chakra The 7 main chakras  the Root Chakra Muladhara Chakra chakra 1. Chakra Root Chakra 1. Chakra

How to Open Root Chakra?

The personal as well as the total needs of life and survival on earth fall into the sphere of action of the root chakra. For example, security, survival, trust, the relationship with money, home, job. The ability to be grounded and to be present here and now. The root chakra also seeks to connect the person to his mother and mother earth.

When the root chakra is open, harmonious functions such as deep personal connection with the earth and its inhabitants, unclouded vitality, contentment, stability and inner strength are signs of this.

Disharmonious functions in the parts of the body controlled by this chakra indicate tensions in the parts of the person’s consciousness associated with that chakra. Is there some tension there, you experience it as a feeling of insecurity. More tension is experienced as anxiety. Even more tension, is experienced as a survival anxiety.

An activated first chakra is found in people who are “down to earth” with “two legs in life”. People with a highly developed root chakra, affirm life, radiate a vital freshness, and are often extremely successful materially.

A balanced root chakra gives the feeling of security. The fear of being powerless has been overcome, love and trust are present. The connection to the earth, to the constant, establishes the relation to the reality.

Sensitive humans with a balanced root chakra are able to exploit their esoteric abilities and perfect their abilities. These include the ability to leave the body, to perceive visions without fear, and to implement clairvoyance for other people.

Abstract – Indicators for trouble-free root chakra

Life force, good health constitution, basic trust, security, with both feet on the earth, stamina, perseverance, stable bones and nails, good teeth, good problem-free digestion and elimination

If the root chakra is blocked, it lacks drive power. In the morning you can hardly get out of bed, during the day everything is tiring and in the evening it goes back to bed early. Since the energy does not flow, the entire body is energetically underserved. On the psychic level, this leads to an undifferentiated, contourless personality that is quick to impress and has little to offer. These symptoms disappear when the root chakra is (re) vitalized and the raw earth energy can flow unimpeded into the entire energy balance.

Abstract – Indicators of disturbances / blockages in the root chakra:

Lack of vitality, lack of zest for life, lack of confidence in life, existential fears, distrust, phobias (eg spiders or similar), mental weakness, depression, intestinal disorders, hemorrhoids, constipation, diarrhea, low back pain, lumbago, sciatica, bone disease, osteoporosis, Pain in legs and feet, varicose veins and venous disorders, anemia, blood pressure fluctuations, stress-related illnesses, allergic complaints

The adrenal glands consist of bark and marrow. They are involved in the control of protein, carbohydrate, salt and water balance. The adrenal cortex produces the hormone aldosterone, the adrenal medulla including the hormone adrenaline, noradrenaline and cortisone. Adrenaline increases the metabolism. It is also known as an escape, combat or stress hormone, helping to prepare for life-threatening emergencies.

The Peyer’s lymphoid follicles / lymph glands are located in the appendix and in the intestinal walls. They are important for the (local) immune reaction of the body. Maybe also part of the sacral chakra.

Root Chakra Meditation

The root chakra is located between the anus and the genital area.
Close your eyes, breathe deeply.
Focus on the root chakra. Inhale the breath from the root chakra while breathing. Breathe through the root chakra again as you exhale. Imagine if you took the breath away from the root chakra. Repeat the LAM each inhaling and exhaling.

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