5 Habits Of People Who Think Permanently Negative

We know all of these people who think permanently negative and always look at things from the bad side. You don’t really know why, but every time you are around this person, you notice that your emotions also turn dark. Sometimes you even feel the urge to run away. Most of the time, these people do not even notice what they are doing to the people around them with their negativity.

In general, they are not bad people, but still the way they see the world brings a lot of suffering. Because thinking negative is contagious.  In the long term, those affected can only achieve that others stay away from them. Nobody wants to be constantly reminded of the bad things in the world. We all know that there is no such thing as a perfect life. We are all guided by what we consider perfect for us. People who think permanently negative cannot see the sun behind the clouds. At the same time, they concentrate on the only cloud in the bright blue sky.

We cannot help these people significantly if they do not make an effort to change their perspective. And if we want to support them, we have to motivate them. Then you can choose to take the first step and really change something. We should never forget that the real victim of a negative thinking person is that person himself.

5 Habits Of People Who Think Permanently Negative Self Help  5 Habits Of People Who Think Permanently Negative

5 characteristics of people who think permanently negative

You worry about everything

People who think chronically negative turn mosquitoes into elephants. A fallen plate creates great drama. A few hours later there is the next drama for the next little thing. Instead of enjoying their everyday life, they are constantly thinking about the future. And that only makes them more negative.

You cannot estimate how much attention certain things deserve. They tend to exaggerate excessively, which makes them quite unbelievable. We all know the fairy tale Peter and the Wolf and the consequences of such behaviour.

5 Habits Of People Who Think Permanently Negative Self Help  5 Habits Of People Who Think Permanently Negative

You ignore the good

It doesn’t matter whether they had a great day at work, just received a gift, or heard the great news. They only focus on the unpleasant things in their life. They are perfect at consistently ignoring the good in their lives.

By ignoring the positive things, they are not even aware of their existence. And when you think about a problem, you only come up with solutions that match your negative way of thinking. They learn that they are unhappy and worthless. They don’t seem to care about their own happiness. It’s just about staying in the endless, negative loop that you created with your thoughts .

5 Habits Of People Who Think Permanently Negative Self Help  5 Habits Of People Who Think Permanently Negative

You cannot accept compliments

If you praise them or compliment them, they react defensively. Their self-esteem is influenced by negative thinking in such a way that every compliment, however beloved, is interpreted as an attack: They are firmly convinced that others will laugh at them, although in reality they only want to be nice. They are unable to accept that they themselves are valuable. Self-worth is incomprehensible to them.

“Even your worst enemy can’t hurt you as much as your own thoughts.”


They can only talk about their own problems. There is little room in her head for other people’s problems. They love to talk about their bad lives over and over again. At the same time, they don’t care how others feel. They are difficult to listen to and are very self-centred. Your own problems are still a tad worse than those of your fellow human beings. It is rare for them to share their monologue with others, and if so, only to express a contrary opinion.

This lack of empathy often leads to arguments with others, especially when boundaries are crossed. Of course, it burdens the constant need to let off steam – but it also burdens others.

You rarely risk anything

They think too often about how others might see them. Any derogatory comment hits them and causes concern. What you think about yourself depends on other people’s opinions. This lack of objectivity makes them very insecure and in need. They are afraid of the intentions of their fellow human beings so that they think up their own head cinema for their actions.

Sure, we all do that. But negative people enrich the film with special effects. In their head cinema, they are always victims. Therefore, they tend to have to protect themselves all the time and accept only a few risks. In their imagination, they have already taken many risks in the past or simply too many open construction sites.

You can be paranoid

People who think permanently negative tend to paranoia. A sudden laugh or a furtive look and they immediately think that you are talking about them. This makes them very unsafe in the environment of others. You feel the urge to leave quickly.

It can be very difficult to deal with their behaviour. Sometimes it doesn’t work. You have to be very patient and try to really understand why they behave that way. In most cases, their behaviour results from a series of bad experiences. These experiences were never properly processed. But it’s never too late in life to learn that not everything is black or white. We live in shades of grey. There will always be good and bad days. Not every experience is negative.

There are a thousand reasons to be thankful. Ignoring these reasons only makes us ungrateful and deteriorates our quality of life.


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