7 Chakras

7 Chakras: The main chakras are connecting gates to our energy bodies – meaning and properties (colors, gems, symbols, etc.) of the seven chakras.

7 main chakras

The 7-chakra system or system of the 7 main chakras is mainly due to the tradition of yoga and Hinduism, in which very detailed descriptions of each chakra are handed down. The first writings on the subject are over 4,000 years old and are relatively unique in their detail, as most spiritual traditions were passed on orally and in secret. This system is based on the observation that there are seven main energy centers in the body’s energy system. These 7 chakras all penetrate the physical body and are today usually referred to their approximate anatomical position.

Main chakraSanskritlocationcolourMantraElementsensemeaning
1.7 Chakras The 7 main chakras  chakras 7 main chakras 7 chakras  Root chakra
Muladhara (root support)Between anus and genitalsredLamearthodorConnection to the earthly, life force, success, survival
Second7 Chakras The 7 main chakras  chakras 7 main chakras 7 chakras
Sacral chakraSvadhistana (Sweet, Lovely)Hand width under the belly buttonorangeVamwaterTastePhysical emotions, love of life, creativity, sexuality
Third7 Chakras The 7 main chakras  chakras 7 main chakras 7 chakras  Solar plexus chakra
Solar plexus
Manipura (Shining Jewel)On the solar plexusyellowR.A.MFireSeeThoughts, beliefs, intellect, subconscious
4th7 Chakras The 7 main chakras  chakras 7 main chakras 7 chakras
Heart chakraAnahata (undamaged)In the middle of the chestbright-greenYamairgropeHigher love, devotion, compassion, love of the heart
5th7 Chakras The 7 main chakras  chakras 7 main chakras 7 chakras  Throat chakra
Laryngeal chakra
Vissudha (cleansing)On the larynxLight BlueHametherHearCommunication, higher truth, expression of wisdom and individuality
6th7 Chakras The 7 main chakras  chakras 7 main chakras 7 chakras
Brow chakra
Third Eye
Between the eyes-brewvioletAumTimeSixth sense, higher mindOpening to and expressing the soul
7th7 Chakras The 7 main chakras  chakras 7 main chakras 7 chakras  Crown chakra
Crown chakra
Over the vertexWhite,
trans-parent, with slight violet parts
roomDivine destiny and connection for our soul and our body

Chakra symbols

Each of the chakras (including the minor chakras) has been associated with a particular symbol or mandala for centuries. These mandalas symbolize the respective meaning and life task of the chakras and are also colored in the corresponding associated color.

Colors of the 7 Chakras

Chakras do not actually have any colors in the traditional sense because their vibrational height is outside the spectrum visible to the human eye. The frequencies of the chakras, however, resonate strongly with the frequencies of certain colors in the light spectrum. Some clairvoyant people can actually perceive the vibrations of the chakras as colors. They range from black in the deepest area, to red for the 1st main chakra (root chakra), to white / transparent (with certain violet parts from the 6th chakra) for the 7th main chakra (crown chakra) and finally go up in ascending height of infinity (God) back into the black. A common misconception is briefly mentioned here: The seventh chakra does not have the color violet, but is white / transparent and carries translucent violet parts from the sixth chakra. The colors are an important tool when working with the individual chakras.

Gems / Healing Stones of the 7 Chakras

Very similar to the resonance in the colors, the chakras also respond with certain gemstones or healing stones called. As a simple rule: Choose a stone with the matching chakra color for each chakra. Well-fitting gemstones have a particularly high resonance and can also be used for healing purposes. They also support our spiritual development.

Chakra Doctrine: 7 Chakras

Finally, not only from Indian philosophy, but also from many other spiritual traditions around the globe knowledge about the chakras is handed down. There are corresponding traditions from the Tibetan Bon religion, the healing knowledge of the Inca, the Zulu, the Hopi and the Tsalgi. Despite small differences, all these striking match deep into the description of the function of individual chakras.

Most texts speak of “the seven chakras”, but there are several systems in the doctrine of chakras, some of which proceed from more or fewer than seven chakras. Despite these differences, most of the systems match those seven chakras, which are referred to here as the 7 main chakras. How can such differences arise? In many cases, it is above all a matter of definition. There are numerous energy centers and nodes in the body. Not all systems call these chakras. Also, in some systems the boundary between chakras, energy centers and energy fields is unclear. It is also important to remember that they describe intuitively perceived, very subtle structures that are often difficult to put into words.

However, I think the main difference in the consideration of the systems lies rather in the degree of concentration on the essentials and influenceable for the person concerned. The following idea prevails: What good is a chakra system with a large number of individual detailed chakras, if one does not know the essential chakras correctly and can work with them?

Systems with more than 7 main chakras

Even in the ancient Vedic texts is reported by other chakras, which have found more and more attention in recent times. Some of these systems work with 9 chakras, others with 8 essential chakras. Especially these two higher chakras, the 8th and 9th chakras, which are located above the crown chakra, are now widely accepted and have been handed down, for example, in the spiritual tradition of the Incas. In our view, these chakras are only relevant if the 7th chakra has been activated and significantly opened.

This is currently the case only for a very small number of people. Nevertheless, it should be noted that in our view, even beyond the ninth chakra, there are other major chakras. These chakras are related to our higher consciousness bodies or proportions, which are in different dimensions.

From our experience, it makes sense to limit the work and analysis of the body’s energy centers to the seven main chakras. Here you can take the biggest influence and the biggest impact on your development. For special purposes, especially for healing purposes, it is advisable to include the so-called minor chakras on a case-by-case basis. From this perspective, it is understandable that most chakra systems focus on the 7 main chakras.

Minor Chakras

In recent years, especially in the New Age movement, new chakra systems are becoming more and more popular, starting from 12 or even 16 chakras, and this area is becoming increasingly confusing. But also in the traditional tantric texts, besides the main chakras, other important energy centers are mentioned, which are called minor chakras and lower chakras. However, whether one should call them chakras by function, or rather supportive energy centers, is a matter of definition.

Often also points on the feet and hands (“Fusschakren”, hand chakras “), or even called on the knees and elbows as Nebenchakren. However, in our view these do not have the character of chakras, but represent (not insignificant) energy surfaces / nodes.

Test of the 7 chakras

By answering certain questions, it is relatively easy and unerring to analyze the condition of the 7 chakras. Through this realization, one can make targeted energy work with the affected chakras. We are currently working on such a test, which will then be available for free on the site.

Open, activate, clean and heal the 7 chakras

After diagnosing the 7 chakras, a variety of techniques can be used to activate, open, purify, and heal. These include in particular yoga, meditation, singing bowls, fragrances (aromatherapy), colors, gemstones and spiritual healing.

Meditation for the 7 chakras

One of the most important techniques for working with the chakras, especially for activating, opening, purifying and healing the 7 chakras and releasing blockages, is chakra meditation . In addition to the basic meditation, there is a special meditation for each chakra that can be used on a case-by-case or regular basis.

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