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Death and dying are a delicate and / or unloved topic for many people. That would not have to be, because there is nothing to fear, there is nothing to refuse. The personality work helps to illuminate this topic. And once put into the light, it loses all its ill-fuming shadows. It also becomes clear how deeply the concern about death and dying is rooted in our everyday lives. Every fear, whether of things, situations, phenomena or persons, has as its foundation the fear of death, dying, the loss of the “little I”.

It means death so good with us. He appears in countless disguises, at all times and in all places. With this omnipresence he wants and can take care of him. It’s almost as if he’s screaming all the way through the day: “Look, I was, I’m and I’ll always be, and I’m just doing my job. I’m not good, I’m not bad. I am life through death! ”

We failed to hear his voice and have learned to close our eyes. We do not see that every transition to a new season is a dance of life and death. The death of one time leads – without a fixed limit – into the life of another time. We do not see that the buds – which are so entrancing us in spring – turn into leaves and blossoms, give seeds and fruits, wither and then die. Dying to start a new cycle, a new dance of life and death.

Every farewell also brings death and life. I do not care

  • a thing (gets lost, gets stolen, breaks)
  • of one thing (group, alliance or community dissolves)
  • a person (whether on a small scale “see you tomorrow” or on a large scale “we’ll never meet again”)

say goodbye, always is and will be a dying included.

And at the same time, life is included. Because after the loss

  • something – something new will take its place
  • One thing – will find something new where you are listening
  • a person – a new meeting will take place

Death and life are in an eternal dance. They are tightly entwined. Inseparable as a loving couple.

The second the “big I” is found, felt and understood, it becomes clear that we can not die. We want to make this weighty statement through an analogy at least intellectually tangible. We use the life of the mushrooms.

A mushroom is not really the mushroom we see. What we see is only the fruiting body. The actual mushroom is an unimaginably large and not exactly verl√§ssbare entanglement under the earth. The mycelium. This mycelium produces fruiting bodies. The mushrooms we know. Some are big and some are small. There are some who get old and big at the same time. Others start to wither even though they are still mushroom-throwers. Others, come crooked and crooked. Some are damaged by unforeseeable events but can live on. And last but not least, there are those who are plowed quite unexpectedly and disappear into the unknown. And all these different possibilities, all these viable ways, touch and hit only the mushroom. Only the fruit. Form. The mycelium remains untouched and produces unimpressed by the world of “fruits and forms” always new mushrooms. The cycle will never end. The fruit goes by without really dying. For what makes the fruit possible, which fills the form with life, is so much more. And even if all the fruits were suddenly gathered there, and the mycelium was struck deep, it would, sooner or later, spring back to a great union and then reap rewards.

Not life, but the form dies. This is the message of the great ICH. Getting this knowledge from the head to the heart is the end of fear, liberation.

Knowledge from books, texts and narratives goes into the head. To test knowledge for yourself in order to make it “experienceable” brings it to your heart. This testing is work and requires strength, confidence and endurance. We ourselves know about the power and helpfulness of beings of light and are grateful for their companionship. Your companionship gives us strength and confidence. We are incredibly grateful for this gift. We wish you to find or have already found this or similar companions on your way to the Self.

Just as we hold the fungus to itself – without knowing its nature – for the fungus, we consider our ICH to be our essence. Here we only see the fruit. Feed your mind with knowledge, testing every meal, every food offered (knowledge) for taste and wholesomeness. Because only the self-checking can be a taste description to own experience. Only those who cost themselves can really understand and know in the end.

“Our SPIRIT is not my I. Our I is not our SPIRIT.”

Quote: Ronald Mayrhofer

“Our ICH is not the problem.

The problem is that we think that I am for US. “

Quote: Ronald Mayrhofer

“Death smiles at us all, the only thing you can do is smile back!”

Quote: Marcus Aurelius

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