Astrology And The Chakras

Astrology And The Chakras: Each planet has different levels of manifestation. From the most negative, most obstructive and shadowy level to the most positive, most transformed state of consciousness of the respective archetypes or planetary energies, there is a wide range of development possibilities.

Astrology And The Chakras Astrology And The Chakras  chakras astrology signs chakras astrology chakras planets astrology chakra healing astrology by chakras astrology


A handy model to illustrate these stages of development, offer the Indian chakras. As chakras (energy wheels) are commonly named seven energy centres in the body that are intimately connected with their associated states of consciousness.

These seven stages of development discolour our perception of the world. They are an expression of deeply rooted, fundamental motivations and beliefs towards life. So this is about the motives that underlie our thinking and acting – often unconsciously.

In the relevant literature from East and West, individual chakras are usually assigned to only one particular planet. The assignment is usually quite different depending on the source. At this point I would like to introduce a more holistic approach: each planet can manifest through each chakra.

The chakra-level of a planet is quasi the third, the spatial dimension of the birth-horoscope and is not visible on the flat paper, as the attentive reader in the following z. B. at the various lion-Mars positions can see. Also, one should resist the temptation to connect the meaning of houses and chakras, although there is a certain similarity.

We – and each one of our planets – usually swing back and forth between different chakras. With most planets, out of sheer habit, we are fixated on just one or two specific energy centres. For the majority of people in our culture, these are usually the levels of the 2nd and 3rd chakras.

Because of its directness and simplicity, Mars is particularly suited to understanding its evolution through the chakras.

Astrology And The Chakras Astrology And The Chakras  chakras astrology signs chakras astrology chakras planets astrology chakra healing astrology by chakras astrology


First chakra

“This day can be your last.”
Or, “When an assassin meets a saint, he sees only his religion.”

At the level of the 1st Chakra – Survival – = Root Chakra, one’s own perception is so distorted that the world teems with adversaries and enemies. The poisonous cycle of stress, struggle, hatred and possibly violence is nourished by its own impulsive blind reaction to the enemy in the outside until he has become completely independent.

In this state, one’s own perception in the other can only discover the negative and thus does not give the other one the slightest chance of changing or the relationship to each other. At archaic times when unrestrained Mars reflexively returned two or three times, the new maxim “eye for an eye tooth for a tooth” was already a giant advance in the direction of culture.

Mars in this chakra stimulates through our so-called reptilian brain highest adrenaline output and an “up or down” attitude. “Martians” at this level need enemies and menace to feel alive and, as they say, to authorize their state of emergency and take emergency measures. A sad example of this chakra is the endless war between Israel and the Palestinians, in which both parties see themselves permanently threatened in their existence.

In the Horoscope of the Proclamation of Palestine of Tripoli (relegated to Jerusalem), we find Mars in Aries close to the Pisces AC – threefold power, so to speak typically of the lone warrior. An impulsive elemental force that certainly will not call back and “educate” in the present circumstances.

Saturn and Uranus may want to take and try so many measures at the MC square. Incidentally, this position and the immensely difficult task of integration perfectly demonstrate the almost impossible balancing act that the leader (MC) of Palestine has to execute simultaneously on all fronts. The Saturn / Uranus conjunction alone would be difficult enough.

On the other side, with a lion-Mars in house 10, the state of Israel, who lives out the shadow parts of this position very clearly. These are an exaggerated sense of honour, pride, righteousness to keep himself and his concerns categorically stronger and better and thus to periodically humiliate others.

Here too, Mars knows no long flaring around. Adherence, punishment and retribution practice is the credo of the 1st Chakra.

Incidentally, both parties have the sun in 8, in the field of collective possession. Israel’s Taurus Sun naturally takes on land and life, while Palestine’s Scorpio Sun relies on collective energy (the Arab world or global support) or pursues the fatal all-or-nothing approach with all its consequences. By the way, both suns are in exact opposition to each other.

A positive 1st Chakra-Mars will be at moments of danger, such. For example, in a forest fire, outgrow yourself and do almost impossible deeds – such as jump higher, dive longer, continue swimming, etc. – than he would have ever dreamed and often save lives.

Astrology And The Chakras Astrology And The Chakras  chakras astrology signs chakras astrology chakras planets astrology chakra healing astrology by chakras astrology

Second chakra

“Get it while you can.”
“If a pickpocket encounters a saint, all he sees are his pockets.”
“If a playboy meets a saint, he’ll only admire her sharp figure.”

For the materially oriented 2nd Chakra-Mars à la “You only live once” there are 1001 things in the world that must be conquered, possessed and enjoyed. Only when the threat (1st chakra) is gone, pleasure and enjoyment can follow. But then right. Here the world wants to be fully enjoyed with all your senses. Sexuality is here of Mars main pleasure. But everything he wants to do and feel good for, he wants to have again. He binds himself too much and constantly creates dependencies on all levels.

Which bring him of course, in addition to desire and satisfaction, a lot of frustration and conflicts. Defending enjoyment and property and conquering new sources of pleasure (making it accessible) are his main activities.

This kind of sexuality and the libido-controlled main motivation for life was also suspected by Sigmund Freud in most people. That is why his work is generally assigned to the 2nd chakra level.

In Freud’s picture of birth, we see Mars as the only planet in the eastern half of the horoscope (Singleton), which has to make itself felt only by its exposed position in the circle always. In a horoscope lineup, he would immediately attract attention and attract the attention of all other planets. This Mars is declining and is in exile in the Venus sign Libra.

So Freud can not bluntly and easily live his Hauruck pages (and male sexuality) and is permanently engaged in his Mars by this exposed position and the retrograde inwardly. Good luck for the world, which otherwise psychoanalysis would have gotten from somebody else later.

Astrology And The Chakras Astrology And The Chakras  chakras astrology signs chakras astrology chakras planets astrology chakra healing astrology by chakras astrology
Third chakra

“Power is awesome.”
“If the” all-checker “encounters a saint, he’ll tell the place where it’s going (in this world)!”

Only here in the solar plexus is the fight and animal seriousness turned into sports. The desire for the showdown becomes the focus, as two equal tennis players, both of whom have enormous joy in the exciting game, without having to win.

This category includes most athletes and extreme athletes. The thrill of accepting, mastering, performing, and becoming known, is a challenge. The Mars position in the day run (houses) is the all-important component of top athletes, as the statistically highly interesting evaluation of M. Gauquelin on horoscopes of well-known athletes shows:

The archetypes of the hero and the noble warrior are also at home here. Fair, intrepid and honest confrontation, if need be alone in a foreign environment, is just the right challenge for the 3rd Chakra-Mars. In everyday life, of course, includes the courage to straight out of a different opinion to represent, in addition. He stands for self-confidence and assertiveness par excellence. The arena for him is the social environment.

Fig. 4: The »Mars effect«. The scattering of the Mars position in the course of the day shows in known athletes (solid line) a significant accumulation in the 2 main zones of the horoscope – rising and culmination. Writer (dashed line), however, “avoid” these places.


He has a great desire to experience his power in contact and to play with his own communication tools. He enjoys showing his skills to others and being experienced in a competent role. For the 2nd Chakra-Mars, material status symbols and exclusive possessions are the social statuses for the 3rd Chakra-Mars or its position and notoriety in its own scenery. He seeks the (public) attention, seeks contacts with influential or well-known personalities (his scene) with the goal of growing into such a role himself. It goes without saying that most politicians, media professionals and actors are “well-stocked” here.

In Germany, Joschka FischerMeister was this subject. In his horoscope, we find a Mars / Saturn / Pluto conjunction in Leo in the 5th house, while in the US Hillary Clinton is in no way inferior to the same constellation in the 3rd house.

Motivations of this kind were regarded by the psychologist Alfred Adler as fundamental to man. Many associate his point of view with the third chakra.

Fourth chakra

“All you need is love.”
“When a hippie meets a tank, he puts a flower in the pipe for him.”

Only in the 4th, the heart chakra, does Mars succeed in freeing itself from personal concerns and identifications. For the first time, Mars sees things beyond form and appearance. He feels the same spirit enliven all beings, no matter their origin. Here Mars develops the ability to empathize with the motivations of other people.

From this point of view, he can develop great compassion. The small personal ego and its history and dramas and its often spasmodically crafted identities seem to him insignificant from this sensitive point of view. Everything is worth the same. Mars does not have to adorn itself here with achievements. If there is something to realize, it has to be stopped, no matter who the performer is. Whether it’s your own performance or the performance of others, is indifferent, the main thing, it leads to the goal. He can rejoice in the success and happiness of others, unlike Chakra 1-3, who would rather have lucked out for themselves.

This new look releases a lot of bound energy. Creativity and possibilities of expression increase enormously. Man becomes a channel for energy, which he can direct to various levels as desired. He enjoys the manifestation of energy, no matter who stalks where, as long as no one takes direct damage from it. He has the power to energize, recharge, and confidently tune others who come in contact with him.

You feel personally touched and seen. His open, warm, direct nature is contagious. He uses his charisma in a very connecting, humorous and often healing way and senses very sensitively who needs to be encouraged, supported or provoked where. Much of this applies to the Dalai Lama,

In the field of psychology correspond with the 4th Chakra many transpersonal-oriented pioneers such as CG Jung, Stanislav Grof and famous role-players, such as Jacob Levi Moreno, founder of psychodrama, which by the many changes in the roles of various personality components (planets) the relativity of any fixed Identity has become clear.

Astrology And The Chakras Astrology And The Chakras  chakras astrology signs chakras astrology chakras planets astrology chakra healing astrology by chakras astrology

Fifth chakra

“The Vision Seeker”
“When a saint meets an assassin, thief, or all-checker, he will first discover the divine in them.”

The central theme of the laryngeal chakra is the question: “Who am I?” Mars in the 5th chakra will continue to aim in all directions, bringing him closer to the meaning of life. He wants to develop himself here with all his strength, to shed all shackles, especially of his own behaviour, his own conditioning, which still limits him.

Pure fire element values ​​such as courage, directness, love of truth, love of the heart, openness, straightforwardness, being in the here and now and especially the honesty with oneself and all others, determine his consciousness.

He is ready to risk everything, to give everything and is richly rewarded by the universe. Life becomes an open book for him, offering his lessons everywhere.

Through his authenticity, he has internalized the art of being in the right place for him – the right moment – and experiences himself so fully in the flow of things, involved in changing roles, which gives him the situation. He has become a channel for what is to come through him. Traditionally, it says, “Lord, Thy will be done …” In India, this type of Martian power is symbolized by the god in the monkey body, Hanuman, which implements itself unconditionally for Rama, his master and master everywhere. One day Rama asks him who he is – and Hanuman replies, “I do not know. All I know is that you and I will one day become one. Until then I will serve you. ”

Karma yoga – action, detached from the fruits, the results of the actions – is the way for Indian Mars. Here is a short story: A king, overwhelmed by the presence of an enlightened yogi, spontaneously gave his whole kingdom. Knowing the cleansing effect of karma yoga for the king, the yogi said, “Well, I suppose. Thank you, from now on you will rule it for me! “Then he moved on …

An impressive example of this free-flowing 5th Chakra Fire / Mars energy is Ram Dass, formerly known as Richard Alpert, who has been the walking mouthpiece of the American spiritual scene for several decades. He and his close Sun / Uranus conjunction in Aries – his Mars is in Leo in the 1st house – let him experience new spiritual levels, teachings and techniques, including many traps and dead ends along the way, and report them freely. Even a stroke that paralyzed him half-sided, is part of the repertoire of work with his guru. Such Mars can grow on everything!

The Vedanta or Zen approach of “not this, not that,” and Arnold and Amy Mindell’s process-oriented psychotherapy and Vipassana meditation, focus particularly on which level an impulse or perception emerges from and belong to the fifth chakra.

Astrology And The Chakras Astrology And The Chakras  chakras astrology signs chakras astrology chakras planets astrology chakra healing astrology by chakras astrology

Sixth chakra

“Beyond Good & Evil”
“When an enlightened one encounters someone, he will see” nothing “in the other and let only the divine energy speak and act through him.”

Here, Mars has completely transformed the relationship to the material (body, possessions, etc.) and, because it means nothing to it at all, can transcend matter and most of the dualities and so from a spiritual, energetic point of view in the most diverse level move freely. From our point of view, he is also able, in a startling way, to override the laws of matter, to send energies, to appear in other places, to do so-called miracles, etc. The mind, trained by willpower, can literally move mountains here.

At this point, I conclude the journey of Mars through the chakras, simply because it is very difficult to put the levels of the 6th and 7th chakras into words so that they can be understood.

An idea of ​​how Mars shows up on these levels gave us none other than Siddharta, the Buddha. He was born with Sun-Mars-Saturn conjunction in Aries in House 10. A solar-energized Mars in its own sign, alongside the disciplined Saturn in the targeted 10th house, is the driving force in achieving this ultimate goal for which he had worked extremely hard and persevering for six years.

On the night of his enlightenment, Mars stood absolutely still. He did not move forwards or backwards. Everything becoming on the wheel of life had an end for him from this morning on. On the condition of liberation from all conditioning, he said: “… O builder of this house … I have recognized you. Your roof ridge is shattered. You will not build a house for me … ”

The will is this formative force. The motivations underlying our thoughts, words and deeds are the roots of cause and effect that characterize all life (Mars motto: “I want”). It is this motivation that generates karma.

Mars, the archetype of willpower, is so very symbolically silent this morning. Someone has managed to set the formative power of self-extinguishing power. Here the Zen verses fit: “Gate, Gate … Para gate, Parasamgate … Bodhi Swaha …” (“Gone, gone over to a state beyond any conditioning, any trait”).

The chakra level of each planet is nothing more than an expression of its own evolution. The less energy a planet has attached to the particular motivations and motivations of chakra, the easier it will be to experience oneself on higher, more satisfying levels.

This inner growth is a slow, very subjective process, comparable to climbing over hills to a mountain. The higher you get, the more clarity and awareness arise about your own situation and life par excellence.

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