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Below you will find a selection of books especially on the subject of meditation . There are only a few books, but we personally appreciate them very much. For us, they stand for quality in terms of depth of knowledge, knowledge processing and presentation.

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Meditation – Knowledge and Techniques

The power of meditation

Learning to meditate is a good idea. Many people report positive effects on health and well-being. Meditating is trendy. But: what exactly do you do with it? Which meditation forms are there? What can they do – and what not? Peter Sedlmeier answers these questions and incorporates experiences from his own meditation practice.

Meditation for skeptics

In all wisdom traditions, meditation serves as an unsurpassed instrument of self-inquiry. Recent studies show a positive and lasting effect of meditation on important areas of the brain. Ulrich Ott teaches the state of research in a comprehensible and well-founded way and introduces the meditation practice in five steps.

Meditation starts right here!

Meditation – Ideal for beginners. Zen teacher Steve Hagen has written a short and easily accessible basic guide to meditation: the nuts and bolts of the practice, which highlights what meditation is and what it can do. A tip for anyone who wants to understand the “here and now”. Ideal for beginners and refreshing for experienced meditators.

Master life with Buddha

(Not directly related to meditation technique – but to the Far Eastern spiritual approach). More and more people in the West are turning to the teachings of the Buddha to live a full and meaningful life, whether they are Hollywood stars or ordinary people from all walks of life. This book makes it clear why Buddhism has this fascination.

Meditation for dummies

You rush from one appointment to the next, never settle down and do not even know what recovery, inner peace and balance are? Try meditation. For this you do not have to become a lonely monk, because meditation can also be integrated into your everyday life. Let Stephan Bodian accompany you on this journey. He shows you how to recharge your batteries with energy and strength through simple meditations and how you, as an experienced meditator, deal with special problem situations.

Meditation: meditating learning for beginners

The ultimate guide to meditating on anxiety, stress and overweight, fueling new energy, serenity, happiness and joy. IMPORTANT: The purchase price also includes a complete video course with over one hour running time.

Meditation for Beginners: + CD

In his usual open-minded way, the meditation teacher and best-selling author Jack Kornfield introduces a guide to meditation. Regardless of denomination or belief, it allows the interested reader to develop, step by step, inner clarity and serenity – qualities that are invaluable in mastering our hectic everyday lives.

Left as a Buddha

Meditations and Mindfulness Exercises for 52 Weeks. More and more people are recognizing the value of Buddhist practice. The novel table display offers everyone interested a simple and well-founded entry. Just like a Buddha, it works like a course that accompanies the reader for one year with mindfulness exercises for everyday life, meditations and exercises to deal with difficult feelings.

Wise words & quotes

” Listening, thinking and meditation need to connect. “

Quote: Dalai Lama

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