Chakra colors

For chakra colors; the main major and minor chakras, their location and colors in a clear table. A mirror of the color spectrum and the associated chakras.

The chakras and their colors

Each chakra, whether main chakra, minor chakra or energy point, corresponds in frequency to a frequency band of visible light. Analogous to the theory of color and its color mixtures and colors, the relationships and colors of the chakras behave among themselves. Each color and each chakra stands for a certain meaning.

The knowledge of the exact ribbon widths that are part of a chakra opens up the possibility of using the colors specifically for working with the chakras. Each chakra has a vibrational bandwidth that is blurred at the edges to the next chakra. In addition, each chakra has a strongest resonance point on a given frequency and color. This is the actual associated color of the chakra and was used in the following table. With the colors we can influence the chakras. This includes opening, cleaning, activating and healing the chakras. The colors can be used with different techniques, especially in the application of gemstones / healing stones and in chakra meditation.

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Chakra colors- Color assignment of the chakras

Higher minor chakras
Over the vertex on upwards white silver, with proportions of
Violet, magenta, gold and silver
to the radiant
White –

9. Main chakra stargate

Stellar Gateway 20-25 cm above the crown white with light gold content

8. Main chakra soul star

Soul Star 15 cm above the crown white with slight magenta proportions

7. Main chakra crown chakra

crown chakra
Crown Chakra 1-2 cm above the vertex white,
transparent, with
very light
violet proportions –

Chakra Nirvana Chakra, Soma Chakra,
Causal chakra
Causal Chakra On the Fontanelle White with light-rosé and delicate purple parts

Posterior Chakra, Bindu Chakra, Moon Center Under the hairstyle on the back of the head White with light blue and delicate purple parts –

6. Main chakra forehead chakra

Third Eye
Third Eye Dark purple between the eyebrows
dark purple 394 72,0,138
# 48008A

Over-chakra nose-tree chakra between the eyes, just below the third eye dark blue 401 73,0,170
# 4900AA

Side Chakra Cheek Chakras Midline on cheekbones Dark Blue 404 73,0,183
# 4900B7

Low-chakra Palate Chakra, Lalana, Kala, Talu Chakra, Palate Camber Dark Blue 405 73,0,190
# 4900BC

Over-chakra chin-chakra center on the chin blue 410 70,0,200
# 4600C8

5. Main chakra throat chakra

throat chakra
Vissudha (cleansing)
Throat Chakra On the Larynx Light Blue 470 0.154.255
# 009AFF

Neben-chakra Thymus Chakra Midway between the heart and throat chakra Cyan
(light turquoise) 490 0,255,255
# 00FFFF

4. Main chakra heart chakra

Anahata (undamaged)
Heart Chakra In the middle of the chest light green:
Luminous green / lemon green / poison green 510 0,255,0
# 00FF00

Energy Points Hand Points (“Hand Chakras”) Light Green distributed in the palm:
Chartreuse3 540 109,255,0
# 6DFF00

Neben-chakra Kalpa-Taru-Chakra Midway between solar plexus and heart chakra
Chartreuse 545 127,255,0
# 7fff00

3. Main chakra solar plexus chakra

solar plexus
Manipura (Shining Jewel)
Solar Plexus Chakra On the Solar Plexus Yellow 580 255.255,0
# FFFF00

Energy Points Elbow Points (“Elbow Chakras”) On the Elbow Yellow Orange 591 255.211.0
# FFD300

Besides chakra navel chakra,
Naval Chakra Midway above the umbilicus Yellow Orange 592 255,207.0
# FFCF00

2. Main chakra sacral chakra

Svadhistana (Sweet, Lovely) Hands wide under the navel Orange 605 255,102,0
# FF6600

1. Main chakra root chakra

Muladhara (root support)
Root Chakra Between Anus and Genitalia Red 650 222,0,0
# DE0000

Energy Points Knee Points (“Knee Chakras”) Center on Knees Dark Red

Energy points Foot points (“foot chakras”) Spread on the soles of the feet, but also partially reddish on the feet

(Neben-chakra) Erdchakra, Erdstern
Earth Star 15 cm below the feet Dark Brown

Lower secondary chakras
From the root chakra downwards from red over
Brown to black

Everything and Nothing White and Black – 0,0,0
# 000000

Gems and chakras

If one knows the system of the theory of colors and the chakras, it is relatively easy to assign the corresponding gems to the respective color. Basically, for example: Red stones match the root chakra. In terms of their intensity of action, and in particular with regard to a therapy, the matter is much more complicated. On the one hand, the color of a gemstone is only a rough indication of the chakra assignment, on the other hand gil.

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