Chakra Healing: Dissolve Chakra Blockages. Different approaches to healing the chakra and the differences between chakra balancing and chakra healing.

Chakra Healing: Blockages in the chakras

Different impressions can affect the incarnated soul so strongly that it identifies with them, temporarily forgetting their true nature. Part of the spiritual path is the healing of such mental blocks, so that the soul regains conscious access to its wholeness and attachment to everything.

Depending on the level of experience in which these blockages lie, they are also reflected in the corresponding chakras and often also in the physical body. As in the physical body, there are also, so to speak, energetic tensions in the energetic area, which prevent energy from flowing freely – the chakra is blocked.

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Forms of chakra blockages

The chakra healing is mainly concerned with the dissolution of blockages in the chakras. However, such blockages can be of a different nature, which differs mainly in the severity of the blockade.

Energetic tension

We experience daily things in our lives that lead to even lower energy tension in spiritually advanced people. These can temporarily unbalance the energy system but are usually relatively easy to dissolve through meditation and energy work. Ideally, such meditations should be performed daily in the mornings and evenings to regularly balance out energy imbalances before they become a habit of the system. With a little practice, they can easily be done during the normal day’s events. Ideally, however, one goes with as much mindfulness and connection to his soul through the day and let’s go in this way such energetic tension immediately again.

CHAKRA HEALING Chakra Health  healing chakra healing youtube chakra healing stones chakra healing music chakra healing meditation chakra healing crystals Chakra Healing chakra


The situation is different with deep-seated blockages, the cause of which is to be found in traumas, karmic experiences and serious mental injuries. Here it is usually not done with a little meditation or energy work. In order to stay in our picture, in these cases, one or often even several connected aspects of our consciousness are not only slightly tense but chronically cramped and split off. The experience in this level of experience is so clouded by a heavy filter, which is reflected in constantly recurring experiences and limiting patterns in our thinking, behaviour, feelings and experiences. So a traumatic birth could lead to an impression of general insecurity and painfulness of life, which could lead to an unconscious fundamental rejection of life and incarnation in a body. This, in turn, leads to different behaviours and a certain way of looking at and experiencing life.

Different forms of work with the chakras

Against this background, the chakras work reveals a possible distinction between different forms of working with the chakras. The choice of terms is ultimately arbitrary, but describes the differences best in our perception:

CHAKRA HEALING Chakra Health  healing chakra healing youtube chakra healing stones chakra healing music chakra healing meditation chakra healing crystals Chakra Healing chakra

Balancing Chakra

Under a Balancing Chakra, we understand the balance of lighter and medium imbalances to restore with the goal of a harmonious flow of life energy and harmonious interaction of the chakras in their current state of development.

Opening Chakras

Under Opening Chakras we understand the general process of opening the chakras in the course of spiritual growth. Unlike balancing, the chakras go through different stages of development and degrees of opening.


Lower chakras are understood generally all forms of work with the chakras as chakra meditation, chakra yoga and the aid of supporting methods such as smoking. On this page, we have summarized the supporting methods under the item Chakras work. Each of the other approaches has its own category.

Chakra healing 

Healing is an intensive (in part therapeutic) work with the chakras, with the aim of dissolving energetic blockages and thus opening up further. This can be done by own processes as well as by the help of others. In this section, we will discuss various approaches to healing, diagnostic options and therapeutic approaches.

Approaches and methods in chakra healing

Which method is the best? In general, we have a holistic approach that combines different approaches and also focuses on personal needs and preferences. In our opinion, therefore, there is no “one best method”, but usually an individual combination of different approaches, which gives the best results in a specific case.

Basically, we understand chakra work as consciousness work and as a process of self-healing through self-knowledge. An intensive examination of oneself and daily life, as well as an individual energetic and meditative practice, form the core of our approach. The following general methods seem to us the most effective:





Resonance with other consciousness
(eg healers, spiritual teachers, inspiring friends)
The soul resonates with the vibration of another human being.Can have a strong effect on chakra healing.Danger of projections and dependencies, as well as not recognizing the actual causes and, if necessary, not consciously experiencing their healing.
Meditation, energy workMemory of the true nature of the soul through an expansion of consciousness.Is usually very sustainable and effective.Depends on the degree of development of the user. Initially, the resolution of severe blockages is almost impossible. Particularly stubborn karmic problems are difficult to detect and solvable with this method without other aids.
Music and soundResonance on vibration level = subconscious memory of the true nature of the soul.Very intuitive and immediate.Requires deep admittance. Depending on the music/sound very big differences inefficiency.
To dyeResonance on vibration level = subconscious memory of the true nature of the soul.Very flexible, good as general support. Colors of nature are particularly effective (eg orange and red of the sunset).Partly dependent on personal associations, access depending on the user. Depending on the quality of the colors (eg sunlight is relatively pale in Germany and therefore less effective).
GemsResonance on vibration level = subconscious memory of the true nature of the soul.Very powerful, flexible everywhere and unnoticed usable. Special strength in mental and karmic blockages.Selection of stones for lay difficult, momentum very strong. With strong blockages, the wrong stone is often chosen “instinctively”. Individual healing stones are considered by some people because of their intensity as exhausting.
Fragrances and aromasResonance on vibration level = subconscious memory of the true nature of the soul.Gentle but deep effect, acts directly on the limbic system, intuitive and immediate. The right scent mixture can help to release the strongest blockages. In comparison to all other methods, the only one that can be used to find the right healing approach or the right mixture for strong blockages.Finding and combining the right fragrances for laymen difficult. Application usually only possible at home.
Yoga, dance, sport and bodyworkFeedback from the physical to the energetic level.Partly strong opening effect, as far as a possible part of any holistic therapy. It also strengthens the physical body and releases connected physical tension. and problems.Depending on the consciousness and physical ability of the user, results may be fleeting when stopping at the physical level. Less effective for severe emotional and karmic blockages.

Chakra Healing: Which Method For Which Purpose?

As indicated above, a holistic approach to chakra healing in our eyes should meaningfully combine several methods.

Meditation and energy work should in our opinion be part of every therapy.
A form of bodywork is beneficial in almost all cases.

A healer or outside help should be called in if blockades persist for a long time, cause great suffering or have led to no personal effort.

Also, one of the supporting methods of chakra work is usually advisable, as they can make the work much easier – here are mainly personal preferences and practical factors, which method is the right choice. For severe mental/karmic blockages, gemstones and perfumes/smokes, along with help from healers, are the most effective methods for most people.

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