Chakra Incense: The smell is an effective method of chakra work. Unfortunately, chakra incense sticks do not usually develop the desired effect.

Incense sticks – symbol of Far Eastern mysticism

The fragrance has an almost magical effect on humans. This is because odours act directly on the limbic system, which is closely linked to our emotions – so fragrances unfold a deep psychological impact that touches us directly and can not be consciously controlled.

This magic of the fragrance is not only the subject of numerous books and scientific experiments but also for millennia part of spiritual and healing work. Fragrances not only appeal to the psyche but also reach us on a much deeper, emotional level. Therefore, both in the shamanic traditions and in all great religions, smoking has always played an important role in numerous spiritual and healing ceremonies and rituals.

This is probably well known from the Tibetan and Hindu traditions, to which we owe it that yoga, meditation and incense sticks are often called in one breath. In the traditional Indian medicine of Ayurveda, incense sticks are also used specifically for therapeutic purposes.

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Incense sticks – easy to use, but often poor quality

Incense sticks serve as an offering in Indian temples, are used for the energetic cleansing of rooms and offer support in meditation and energy work. It is probably the simple handling that made incense sticks so popular – they are wonderfully easy to store, transport and fade away.

The ingredients of the incense are very finely ground, which is positive to see as they burn so evenly and optimally. Nevertheless, they have some disadvantages that affect incense sticks in their overall effect.

First, this is the great heat with which burn the incense: This creates more smoke than smoke, which on the one hand leads to a stuffy, heavy overall impression, on the other hand, the subtle effect of the fragrance significantly reduced. In order for the fragrances to develop properly, they should be gently dissolved out of the incense – this is the only way to preserve the unique overall effect of the fragrance complexes.

Secondly, almost all products use binders, and even cheap chemical products use toxic chemical adhesives to keep the incense sticks in shape, which, depending on the material, can cause an incriminating and possibly even toxic effect during smoking. The same applies to chemical colourants, which unfortunately are also frequently used.

Thirdly, smoked products of medium to poor quality are often used – which also makes sense if they are smoked so roughly anyway – which, of course, is also very detrimental to the effect. The use of artificial aroma and perfume substances, which not only smell unnatural but are also energetically ineffective, is to be rated as particularly negative. In addition, the fragrance of such incense sticks usually evaporates quite quickly and leaves only a smokey reverberation.

Good chakra incense sticks

Good chakra incense sticks should consist only of high-quality natural ingredients and contain no perfumes, chemical binders and adhesives or dyes. The best incense sticks can be found in Ayurvedic medicine and the monastic traditions of Japan and Tibet.

Even such good incense sticks contain as binder however different wood powder (eg Jagat or Makko powder), which produce mainly smoke and do not make a positive contribution to the energetic effect – thus are basically superfluous. If you consider that such incense sticks are usually hand-rolled and sometimes have to mature for several years – eg with traditional Japanese incense sticks – it quickly becomes clear that the western mass-produced goods can rarely achieve this quality.

CHAKRA INCENSE Chakra Health  chakra incense sticks chakra incense holder chakra incense burner chakra incense benefits chakra incense chakra

Chakra incense: no alternative to incense

For these reasons, chakra incense sticks in therapeutic chakra work are no alternative to high-quality loose incense mixed with a warmer. Due to the distance to the flame, the fragrances are gentle and almost without smoke from the incense dissolved in this process and can thus unfold optimally in the room. The result is a highly effective, fine and light fragrance carpet that floats like an energetic cloud over many hours in space. Once you have experienced the difference yourself, you know how powerful it is and you will hardly want to touch incense sticks without top quality.

For larger and more serious energy blockades, we, therefore, recommend finely ground chakra incense and non-conventional chakra incense sticks. For the simple strengthening and activation of chakras, however, incense sticks can be used because of their great practicability, provided that they are made of the best incense and without harmful binders or adhesives.

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