Chakra meditation

Chakra Meditation: Best tool in energy work. Open, cleanse and balance chakras through meditation for each chakra with music and yoga.

Chakra Meditations

Just as the physical body needs care, attention, and nutrition, one should also pay close attention to the energy bodies and chakras. Through chakra meditations, according to the chakra doctrine, we can also supply food to the subtle bodies in the form of consciousness and life energy. Through regular practice, blockages, more energy can flow and the consciousness, the vibration and well-being can increase in my experience after a very short time noticeably.

Types and Exercises of Chakra Meditation

Chakra meditations are the heart of chakra work. They help us first to sense and feel the chakras a prerequisite for working with the chakras and opening, activating or purifying a chakra. Each chakra has a specific meaning, and we can pinpoint which chakra is affected by blockages, issues, and issues in each energy body (including the physical body).

Chakra meditations help to open the chakras, allowing the soul to penetrate our field more intensely, allowing energy to flow more into the subtle bodies and opening up new areas of perception. In my opinion, in dealing with blockages, illnesses and traumas, chakra meditations can make a significant contribution to being able to handle painful emotions and wounds more consciously and to dissolve their causes.

Chakra meditations are therefore an important aspect of physical health, spiritual growth and inner (self) healing. Chakra meditations can be therapeutic, healing, spiritual, and enjoyable alike. There are different types and practices of chakra meditation.

Chakra opening through meditation

Chakra energy work usually consists of certain breathing techniques and/or consciously directing attention and life energy to specific chakras. The goal is to relax, energize and open the chakras.

Instructions for chakra meditation

Especially important is the basic meditation and meditation especially for the 7 main chakras:

Root chakra meditation
Sacral chakra meditation
Solar plexus chakra meditation
Heart chakra meditation
Throat chakra meditation
Forehead chakra meditation
Crown chakra meditation

Chakra meditation Meditation  meditation Chakra meditations Chakra Meditation Chakra balance with meditation chakra

Chakra balance with meditation

One particular form of chakra energy work is chakra balancing, in which one uses all the chakras one after the other to harmonize and balance them. Often problems in one chakra are compensated by another chakra, and there are also resonances between the chakras. Therefore, it may be advantageous to include the other chakras in the meditation, even for problems in a particular chakra.

Purification of the chakras by meditation

Chakra cleansing is hardly distinguishable from energy work. However, it is worth noting that in the vertebrae of the chakras even disharmonious alien energies can settle, or through these can affect the system. Also, there may be unwholesome energy connections to other people on the chakras, which are perceived by some as energetic cords.

In chakra-cleaning, therefore, the main focus is on the detection and release of external energies or fixed negative energies. Visualizations, sounds, incense and gems / healing stones / crystals and chakra colors are often used. Especially those who live in cities and have contact with many people should clean their chakras regularly.

Chakra opening through yoga meditation

Hardly any system in the world has such deep knowledge as the yoga system. Since the chakras are in close interaction with the physical body and energetic and physical tensions usually go hand in hand, the physical exercises of yoga – especially the Kundalini Yoga – can have a great effect on the chakras. By consciously perceiving, opening and balancing physical tension, the space opens up for a finer, energetic level.

Combined with conscious perception, breathing and energy work, yoga postures can therefore develop healing effects for the chakras as feedback and energy work. But chakra yoga is much more than just physical exercises. In the system of yoga special meditations, mantras and mudras are taught to address and support the various chakras.

Chakras and Tantra meditations

A particularly pleasurable form of working with the chakras is found in the meditations of the sexual tantras. Here the act of love becomes a healing meditation in which the chakras play a central role.

Music and singing bowls for the chakra meditation

During ongoing meditation, certain sounds and frequencies promote energy work with the chakras. Although there are not many good CDs or meditation meditation chakras in my opinion, there are a few dozen outstanding ones. A particularly important role is played by singing bowls or crystal bowls as well as mantras.

Colors and gemstones for the chakras

Because the chakras resonate at specific frequency ranges, chakra meditation can be supplemented with sounds, chakra colors, gems, and other aids. The essential difference to working with music is that these aids work more before and after meditation. They can and should be used and worn virtually during the day. In contrast, healing music works best during meditation. It should be noted that it is above all the attention and the consciousness, which unfold the greatest healing power in the chakras.

Tools are primarily used to provide the chakra with a healing frequency that it can resonate to stabilize and stimulate. These aids do not develop directly, but indirectly, a healing effect and can greatly promote and facilitate the opening, cleaning and healing process.

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