Chakra Yoga: Through exercises and meditation in Hatha and Kundalini Yoga, the chakras are targeted, strengthened, and opened. Yoga for the chakras and Kundalini revival.

Yoga and the chakras

In general, the entire human energy system, including the chakras, works much better when the physical body is in good shape, which is why particularly spiritual people are strongly advised to exercise. Traditionally, the yoga path provides for the body to be prepared for years through physical exercises and special breathing techniques before the adept is initiated into higher spiritual practices.

This is a very sensible course of action and promotes the natural development of the nervous system and the chakras. Of course, this is hardly the case today – one more reason, in addition to spiritual practice, to keep the body healthy and fit. Yoga is certainly an optimal option due to its close connection to spirituality and its meditative character. Not for nothing are the yoga sutras, from which much of the knowledge about the chakras is derived! Chakra yoga can also be used actively to dissolve energy blockages.

CHAKRA YOGA Yoga  yoga Kundalini chakra yoga sequence chakra yoga poses chakra yoga chakra


Opening and addressing the chakras through yoga

Although the soul can exist independently of the body, the soul, energy body, consciousness, and physical body for the duration of the incarnation are to be considered as a single unit in which all parts influence one another. The body is coagulated energy and all problems in the mental and energetic areas inevitably form in the body – be it in the form of illness or tension.

For this reason, physical exercises, as we find them especially in the positions and exercises of Hatha Yoga and Kundalini Yoga, can influence the active areas: by consciously perceiving, opening and relaxing physical tension, access to the finer, energetic level and the underlying energetic blockages. Combined with conscious perception, breathing, and energy work, yoga positions can, therefore, develop an energetic healing and opening effect for the chakras.

CHAKRA YOGA Yoga  yoga Kundalini chakra yoga sequence chakra yoga poses chakra yoga chakra

Exercises in chakra yoga

Specific exercises (poses/asanas and pranayama), mantras, sounds and mudras in yoga are suitable for activating chakras and dissolving blockages in and around the chakras, as well as awakening the kundalini. They can, therefore, be used correctly for the therapy of problems in the individual chakras. It mainly works with the main chakras, the 7 chakras, but also partially with the minor chakras.

Yoga and chakra blockages

The soul can experience the world through the body. The energy flows from the energy bodies to the physical body and is experienced there as a similar physical experience.

In the case of traumatic experiences and generally painful experiences, the body reacts with a protective mechanism that prevents the energy from flowing into the body: the body becomes tense and thus closes off the energy flow from the energy bodies. In this way, he tries to prevent us from being overwhelmed by the experience and possibly unable to act. In dangerous situations, this protective mechanism can be a life-saving blessing if we allow ourselves to process the experience later consciously. It is often possible to observe people crying and trembling after having survived dangerous situations – a strong reaction to work through the stress and release the protective tension. Do not we do this.

To dissolve this blockage, the path over the body can often be the fastest: By dissolving the physical protective mechanism, the energy can flow freely again, the experience is consciously processed and rereleased. Yoga can be of excellent service if it is used deliberately.

CHAKRA YOGA Yoga  yoga Kundalini chakra yoga sequence chakra yoga poses chakra yoga chakra


Yoga, Chakras and the Kundalini

Kundalini Yoga aims at awakening this snake power slumbering in the root chakra through specific exercises and meditation. It should be guided through appropriate exercises through all the main chakras to unification and enlightenment in the crown chakra. Kundalini and Chakra-Yoga aim in this direction in the same direction. The Kundalini will not be able to ascend as long as she “finds” a blocked or impure primary chakra. It is essential to draw attention to such a chakra.

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