Cleansing and Charging Crystals for Optimum Performance


Let’s! Cleansing and Charging Crystals; Cleaning healing stones: gemstones must be unloaded and cleaned regularly: whether in salt, amethyst or other applications can be found here.

Cleansing and Charging Crystals for Optimum Performance Best Healing Crystals and Chakras  crystals crystal cleansing crystal charging

Clean gemstones

Even after the stone has been discharged by water or hematite, there is often still superfluous information stored in the stone.

Therefore, especially after the purchase and before the first use, the healing stone should be discharged using a particularly thorough cleaning method. Every gem should be cleaned so thoroughly from time to time. Here are the most effective methods:

Cleansing and Charging Crystals for Optimum Performance Best Healing Crystals and Chakras  crystals crystal cleansing crystal charging

Clean with amethyst

The amethyst druse denotes a cavity in the rock that is filled with amethyst crystals. You can put your healing stone into this small cave for cleaning. The amethyst contains iron and is therefore very conductive.

The quartz gives the amethyst its high energy concentration. If you now place a gem in the druse, the information of the stone is passed on to the much stronger amethyst and thus freed from it.

This can take a whole day. However, a longer stay in the geode is not harmful. Amethyst druses can be bought in stores, depending on their size, their price can vary widely. Cleaning with an amethyst druse is possible for every gem and very effective.

Cleansing and Charging Crystals for Optimum Performance Best Healing Crystals and Chakras  crystals crystal cleansing crystal charging

Clean with salt

Cleaning with salt is probably the easiest and cheapest method to clean gemstones particularly thoroughly.

To do this, place the gem in a glass jar. Never use plastic containers, since they carry external information. Ceramic containers are also not very conducive due to their high density and are therefore not recommended.

In order to increase the conductivity of the salt, the gemstones in the vessel are now poured with low-mineral water. Stones that are water-soluble or chains made of gold, silver or leather should be used without water.

This smaller bowl with the precious stones is then placed on a larger bowl, which is embedded in untreated natural salt.

The healing stone remains on it for six to twelve hours after it has been worn for a day. The duration of the cleaning depends on the amount of salt and the number of gemstones to be cleaned. If the gemstone has only been put on for a short time, ten minutes are enough.

With new cleaning, the used water should always be changed. The unrefined natural salt should be replaced after some time.

Dangers when handling salt

Cleaning with salt is a very effective, but also aggressive method to clean gemstones.

It is not advisable to keep the gem on the salt for a long time in the water, as this completely cleans the healing stone energetically, which can dissolve its healing properties.

It is important that the gemstones do not come into contact with the salt, as this can cause a chemical reaction, which for example causes the surface of the gemstone to lose its shine.

Opals in particular react violently to salt, they change and even become a gemstone with a lower value, the chalcedony. In principle, cleaning with salt should not be repeated as often as it can attack the stone in the long term. Which healing stones are particularly sensitive can be found in the gem dictionary.

However, due to their low cost, cleaning with salt is the most common method and an alternative to cleaning with more expensive amethyst glands.

Clean with smoke

In many cultures, smoke is used for cleaning because it has a disinfectant effect but is also of spiritual importance. Smoke can also be used on gemstones.

You can use incense sticks for this but also perform a larger smoking ritual. The incense sticks are lit and the gem is held in the smoke.

During the smoking ritual, incense is lit in a fire-proof container. Then various herbs such as lavender, sage or cedarwood are placed on the embers. Depending on the extent, the smoke development can be very large, so make sure you do this with the window open or outdoors. Then the stones that are as close as possible to the smoke point are dipped into the smoke with a fan.

Clean with sound

Sound can also have a cleaning effect on gemstones. The vibrations of struck singing bowls can be transferred to the gem and delete information attached to the stone. In order to be able to use this vibration, the healing stone is placed in the singing bowl.

Then the singing bowl is vibrated for about two to three minutes with a wooden clapper. To do this, hit the edge of the singing bowl in a regular beat.

The resulting clay should be a kind of carpet of sound, in which the gem is wrapped for a few minutes. The stone is then cleaned and can be used for an application.

Which method you use to clean gemstones is entirely up to the user and his options. In addition to the constant discharge with water or hematite, the very productive methods should be repeated every 5 months and depending on the feeling.

Combinations of the individual methods in cleaning rituals are particularly suitable. After the stone has been unloaded and cleaned, it is charged.

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