The chakras and the energy system

Chakras: parts of the human energy system. Energy bodies, energy centers, light channel, torus field and ether body in the energy exchange with the chakras.

In order to better understand the functioning of the chakras , it is helpful to consider the human energy system as a whole, as it can only really be understood as a single entity. The chakras are not only, as often assumed, part of the physical body, but in the chakra doctrine part of the far greater subtle energy system.

From an energetic perspective, man is much more than the visible physical body that only represents the lower vibrational realm of our existence. In this view, as human beings, we are rather energy beings that are made up of different layers of different vibrating energy.

Although this energy system is a highly interacting entity, it can be divided into several components. Some will be briefly described here.

  • The flow of light / the soul
  • The energy body
  • The chakras
  • The Torus Field / Flow of Life Energy
  • The energy system of the physical body / etheric body

Beyond the Chakras: The Light Channel

At the center of the entire human energy system is the earthly light channel or light flow of the soul, a stream of pure light and consciousness that pours down from the source through all dimensions and flows through the entire human energy field.

This central flow of energy is the actual place of consciousness and life. Around him, the finer and coarser energy fields of the energy bodies are formed in different oscillation ranges.

Ideally, the flow of light flows through the body along the vertical axis of the body, but it does not have a fixed location or channel in the physical or energetic bodies and, in many ways, exists beyond them. Rather, the flow of light penetrates and flows through the bodies, experiencing through them the various vibratory areas of creation and interacting with them primarily through a kind of energetic resonance.

If one follows the light channel in an imaginary direction, one finds an almost infinitely fine curvature, so that in the near-infinity the two supposed ends or polarities unite. If you think of the channel as an all-pervading cloud that even connects several and sometimes many dimensions, you will actually find an almost infinitely large unit.

The energy body

The physical body is permeated and surrounded by a subtle energy field that encompasses a relatively wide range of different vibration ranges. These vibrational regions form layers of different densities, which, while strongly interacting with one another, nevertheless form clearly distinguishable layers, which are referred to as energy bodies. The vibration tends to increase exponentially the further you move away from the physical body.

The energy bodies correspond to different vibrational and experiential levels and allow the consciousness to experience these areas through the corresponding body, just as the physical world becomes tangible through the physical body. Depending on how well the subtle bodies are developed or developed in a human being, in addition to the characteristic communication with the soul (inspiration), he thus has access to extended perceptions, which is often described as an expansion of consciousness.

The energy bodies also store information and experiences and, like the physical body, can be disturbed in their function. The chakras are the gate and the key to working with the subtle bodies.

Chakra: energy exchange point of the energy system

Chakras are vortexes in the energy field that transmit, transform, and transform energy and information, serving as points of exchange through which life energy and information can be exchanged between the physical body and the energy bodies. The vortices serve as integration structures, which can transform and transmit the energy into different oscillation ranges.

The chakras are, so to speak, the communication system and transformer of the human energy field. They ensure that the experiences in the individual energy fields can be processed by the consciousness. The individual chakras are each in resonance to an energy body and the corresponding level of experience and ensure the transmission of information and energy in and out of this oscillation range. As important points of transmission of life energy, chakras also ensure that the physical body is optimally supplied with life energy. In addition, some chakras have important spiritual functions.

The torus field

The flow of universal life energy through the energy bodies follows a particular pattern known as the torus field. This pattern of energy flows can be found in many natural systems, from galaxies down to the human body, and is one of the central patterns of creation. The life energy flow is something like the metabolism of the energy field and can be understood as a hydraulic equilibrium system gets out of itself. However, its stability and optimal functioning requires a harmonious flow of life energy within the pattern, and disturbances in certain areas affect the torus field as a whole.

The energy system of the physical body / etheric body

In addition to the blood vessels and the nervous system, the physical body also has a subtle energy system through which the life energy is distributed in the body. Since this system of subtle energy trajectories lies on a different vibration plane than the physical one, this system is also called the etheric body.

Analogous to the nervous system, the energy system also consists of a multitude of energy channels and energy channels, which are called nadis in yoga. The system also contains important energy centers and points, some of which have the form of energy vortices, but in their function are clearly distinguishable from chakras. These points are in part identical to the acupuncture and acupressure points, which are now well known in Western countries.

The most important Nadi is the shushumna Nadi, which roughly corresponds to the spinal cord canal.

Energy system and healing stones

The different energy bodies have a different frequency and resonate with the specific frequencies of certain healing stones. This can be used for energy work, for spiritual development and even for healing work. For every energy body and for each chakra or certain energy centers and points, very specific gemstones have a positive effect on them.

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