Establish Intimacy: When Two Souls Meet

In those intimate moments when we show each other who we are without a mask, it can be easier to bare your body than your soul Exposing your soul means making yourself vulnerable. It means showing your fears, insecurities and weaknesses. It is so easy for us to get rid of our clothes and yet so difficult to take off the armour that protects us. But it is the only way to connect with each other in an authentic and honest way. Today we take a look at how we create intimacy.

Establish Intimacy: When Two Souls Meet Self Help  souls intimacy establish

Intimacy is created when two souls can touch each other. This happens when we travel into our body, our mind, and connect with that of the other person. From this moment, the caresses are no longer carried by our bodies, but by the heart. Both focus on the other person. The walls we built around our weaknesses begin to crumble as soon as the partner touches them. Then we can share our innermost thoughts and feelings with him.

Which key will open the tank around our heart? What is the secret of being able to show each other exactly how we are? Where does our defensive end and where does true intimacy begin? The answer is quick: trust.

Building trust in our relationships is the bridge to an honest and deep connection.

It can be difficult to build trust because we have to overcome our own defences.  We have to break them down bit by bit, trusting that our partner will catch us if we fall. We know that if we show our true selves, he won’t let us down because real trust comes from acceptance. It can be a difficult process, but a relationship only really starts when trust is built. In a real love story, it will be the intimacy that inspires both partners to be who they really are. Without conditions, without an audience, only two souls in their pure state.

Establish Intimacy: When Two Souls Meet Self Help  souls intimacy establish

How to create intimacy? Free yourself from fear

It is normal to have doubts and to reject intimacy first. We feel vulnerable when we show our true self. In addition, there is a risk that the other person will not do it. What happens when we really get to know each other and don’t like what we see? What if I share everything but receive nothing in return? What could happen if I open my heart to someone else?

There is always the possibility that we will not find what we are looking for in a person. But if we don’t try, we won’t know for sure whether he would have accepted us. To find the trust and intimacy we crave, we have to take off our masks and take advantage of our opportunities. If we don’t, we will never be able to build authentic and solid relationships. We will never be able to enjoy intimacy with other people.

We are surrounded by superficial relationships that are sustained by unspoken criticism; of sexual relationships that are purely physical in nature, of people who are in society but have no covenant with their fellow human beings. Enough to feel connected through fear if it is not what we want. It is time to be free, brave and strong so that we can find what we deserve.

Intimacy is full of trust and solidarity. Don’t be afraid of her. Fear only stops us. It prevents us from growing and connecting with others. A defeat does not have to mean that the next attempt will fail. The brave don’t get stuck with this rejection. They keep trying and push themselves to look for someone better.

Establish Intimacy: When Two Souls Meet Self Help  souls intimacy establish

The courage to show our true self

To be brave means to show our true core and to choose authenticity so that others can see it. Only then will they really know us, and only then can we be sure that those who stay do it because they love us as we are.

Self-love is the key to the courage to not give up on yourself. When we love ourselves, we accept our fears, value ourselves, and don’t let our insecurities stop us from showing the world who we really are.

Let us forget the unifying bodies and make sure that it is our souls that are connected. Let us put our fears aside and be open to discovering ourselves and each other. No more makeup, no more tanks, and no more insecurities. Let’s get to know each other as we are.


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