6.Chakra, the forehead chakra

6. Chakra, The Forehead Chakra

Ajna Chakra (Ajna = perceive)

The forehead chakra, the “third eye”, is located between the eyebrows. In this state of consciousness, wisdom and knowledge are attained. Through the previous learning steps, we have this wisdom and we have a secure intuition about how to properly move in our environment. This intuition can be accompanied by supernatural perceptions.

Blockages in this chakra are manifested physically by headaches or disease of the sensory organs. Mentally the blocker has to struggle with lack of concentration and learning. Also one Excessive anxiety can be a sign of blockage in this area.

In the following table we have summarized the most important information and assignments corresponding to the front chakra for you:

namesĀjñā, Forehead Chakra, Third Eye, Inner Eye, Forehead Center, 6th Chakra
subjectsCognition functions, seat of the mind and the mind. Development of extrasensory perception, intuition. Ability to visualize. Projection of our will, manifestation
by thought force
locationbetween the eyebrows
energy consumptionopens above the bridge of the nose, between the eyebrows
Body MappingHormonal influence via the pituitary gland, the control center of all glandular activity in the body. The forehead chakra provides the central nervous system with energy.
sensory FunctionExtrasensory perception
glandsHirnanhangsdrüse (Hypophyse)
HormoneVasopressin, Pituitrin
stonesSodalite, amethyst, sapphire, rock crystal, fluorite
To dyeIndigo
ElementSpirit (not a traditional element)
flavorsJasmine, mint, lemongrass, violet, frankincense, basil
Bach flowerCrab Apple, Vine, Walnut
IncenseAloe wood, basil, jasmine, camphor, mastic, sandalwood, violet root, peppermint, rosemary, immortelle, frankincense, juniper
SymbolSechsundneunzigblättrige Lotusblüte
light beingsAscended Masters: Seraphis Bey
Archangel: Michael



6.Chakra, the forehead chakra The 7 main chakras  third eye forehead chakra chakra blockages in the frontal chakra Ajna Chakra  In the forehead chakra, we find the cognitive functions. It is the seat of the mind and mind, as well as the will projection. Open and harmonious, it provides us with the capacity for intuition and extrasensory perception as well as manifestation through the power of thought.

The forehead chakra is responsible for enforcing the creative ideas that arise in the center. When the “third eye” is open, the ideas follow the appropriate actions that you can materialize in the physical world.

If it is in disharmony, the person has great difficulty implementing their ideas. It can be particularly disappointing if the front center is open and the rear closed. you has a lot of creative ideas, but it never gets out of it. Mostly one has implausible excuses for it and blames the outside world for the problem.

A person whose “third eye” is activated has a high imagination. Whether architect, engineer or strategic planner of a company: the “third eye” helps, one turn raw idea into a sophisticated, detailed idea. Einstein invented the theory of relativity through mental experiments, in which he deals with definite, pictorial Performances juggled.

Those who have developed their “third eye” can confidently deal with negative thoughts and turn them into positive impulses. In addition, people are with a highly developed eye able to charge ideas energetically and send them mentally (telepathy).

A balanced forehead chakra enables us to perceive vibrations and unspoken things. We are guided by our inspiration. Here develops the so-called sixth sense, good discernment and sensitivity. Here is also the center for logical thinking and concentration.

This chakra empowers man to self-knowledge. He can be clairvoyant and receive and understand visions. Likewise, he is able to send and receive telepathic messages receive. Here sits the inspirational power and energy of meditation and divination.

Abstract – Indicators for trouble-free forehead chakra

Good memory and ability to concentrate, good intuition and knowledge of higher realities beyond the everyday consciousness, supernatural perception (telepathy), good Imagination and imagination, mental clarity, self-knowledge.

Where the third eye is blocked, nightmares, stress, fears and worries often dominate the emotional and mental scenario. One is not able to plan properly (in the future there is a lack of long-term perspectives. Added to this are lack of concentration and unreflective thinking, which are not only lacking in ideas but also changeable, moody and contradictory thought reversals that can not be harmonized with each other.

Abstract – Indicators of disturbances / blockages in the frontal chakra:

Concentration and learning disabilities, lack of insight and imagination, a restless mind, schizophrenia, fears + delusions, superstition + mental confusion, low moods (Futility), headache + migraine, brain disorders, eye disorders, ear problems, chron. Cold and sinus infections, diseases of the nervous system + neurological disorders.

The pituitary gland controls bone growth and regulates the activity of other endocrine glands and certain organs such as the kidneys, adrenal glands, skin, bones and thyroid. Testicles and ovaries. Among other things, this has direct effects on body temperature, hunger, thirst and sex drive. The pituitary gland is considered to be the nerve center of the entire endocrine system, its Activity is very much influenced by the hypothalamus

Ajna Chakra Meditation

The Ajna Chakra  is located between the eyebrows.
Close your eyes, breathe deeply.
Focus on the Ajna Chakra. Inhale the breath from the Ajna Chakra while breathing. Breathe through Ajna Chakra again as you exhale. Imagine if you took the breath away from the Ajna Chakra. Repeat the AUM each inhaling and exhaling.

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