Healing Mantra

Healing Mantra: In fact, there is a mantra of cleaning the chakras – “OM”. Its effectiveness lies in the combination of sound and vibrations that originate during its reading in the body. Some argue that the world was created by sonic vibrations, some of which are tangible, and a part hidden inside. That they feel the need to meditate regularly. The mantra “OM” is the sacred sound that is simple and common. It is believed that the history of the world began with this mantra.

Recommendations for meditation with the mantra “OM”:

  • Playing technique. Sit upright in the lotus position. Back to relax, take a few deep deep relaxing breath.
  • Time. Best practice in the morning on an empty stomach.
  • Volume. Pronounce, the mantra “OM” is initially quiet. Gradually to be the volume, feel the vibrations throughout the body.

It is important to remember that the individual should be a healthy and positive attitude during meditation. If the mantra provokes a headache, it is better to stop the meditation.

Healing Mantra Chakra Health  yoga mantra healing mantra kundalini healing chakra

Magical Moments

Music for the purification of the chakras – this is an opportunity to strengthen the effect of meditation. It has long been known that music can have an amazing effect on the living cells of the body. Through this meditation, do not forget to completely relax. It is also important to sit in a comfortable position, keeping your back straight. We must try to abstract ourselves from external stimuli, but not suppress the mental images that arise under the influence of music. Try not to isolate yourself from thoughts and penetrate them. It is very important to observe the inner peace, despite the possible irritation. We should not start practice in a bad mood. For beginners are only 10 minutes from the practice.

When the music is over, enjoy some time with calm. Therein lies the life that we seldom notice. Imagine that silence enters your body and then fills the entire space.

Healing Mantra Chakra Health  yoga mantra healing mantra kundalini healing chakra


We already know what meditation is. Cleansing the chakras with him – this is a real chance to heal your soul. How exactly has the behaviour of meditation been directed to the purification of energy centres? Sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes and relax as much as possible. Imagine that the crown goes through the white light, the feeling that it spreads over the whole body. Let your imagination run through all the chakras, dwell on each one of them.

In this way, you will be able to clean up your own centres. To conclude the meditation, imagine that the beam exits the body through the head. Not immediately grasp solving pressing problems – enjoy the inner light, the consciousness and the purity of his mind.

Healing Mantra Chakra Health  yoga mantra healing mantra kundalini healing chakra

The power of the voice

Much can change the mantra of purification and activation of the chakras. Singing this process can be greatly improved. There are combinations of sounds whose vocals contribute to the activation and purification of domestic savings that result from resentment and self-negativity. Sing the need to drawl, the production of high-frequency sounds. A better job quietly, regularly stopping at certain points. It is advisable to sing the mantras aloud, but it is necessary to remember their sequence. While singing of mantras focuses on your energy centres.

To enhance activation after singing mantras, visualize your mind in a particular part of the body. Imagine being immersed in another world, feel the nose, the forehead, the lips. Stir lips, pat eyelashes. Do not get them too long to practice them: just a few seconds. Do not miss this meditation – allow yourself to relax before rushing back to the world of hurry and stress.

The discovery, purification, and activation of your centres will lead to their development, improvement, on the physical, moral, and spiritual levels. Energy centres in the human body have a very important function aimed at obtaining and purifying the general condition. But these centres can weaken, close. They may have triggered barriers through difficult circumstances. There are many ways of which the task is to heal the chakras – energy content, strengthening and recovery. Healthy Energy Center – a promise of physical and moral health, safety pep and psychological background of the person. Listen to your heart!

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