How Can I Make A Wish Card?

In childhood, we all believed in fairy tales. Every child wants to be the owner of a wand with which you can get everything you want. Now that we have grown up, we understand that there is no magic wand, but what we want to achieve can only be obtained from ourselves.

Lately, people have been talking a lot about something as wonderful as a greeting card. Have you heard about it? If so, that’s a good thing, then you are a little knowledgeable in this area. If this concept is foreign to you, then you know that the card is a collage of your wishes. Because of the correct location of these or other images, you can get what you want. Now let’s move on to the most important thing. How can I make a wish list? Now we are going to tell you in detail, but before that, you need some things to do it:

  • Sheets of paper (Whatman);
  • Photos you like or extracts from magazines, brochures, etc.;
  • Scissors;
  • Adhesive tape, glue;
  • The photos that you want yourself.
  • Paints, pencils, pens;
  • Leaves, pearls, ribbons, shells, etc.

How Can I Make A Wish Card? Self Help  wish card self help How Can I Make A Wish Card  How can I make a wish list? Instructions for creating

  • Prepare everything you need, go straight to creation. Not only do you need to know how to make a wish card, but when. To perform the process better on a growing moon or on a full moon. Take the Whatman, mentally divide it into nine parts, each of which determines its sector. The top three indicate wealth (money, houses, apartments), fame (diplomas, bowls), love. The middle three symbolize house and family (repair, animals, plants), health (photo where you are happy), creativity (music, children). The bottom three are self-improvement, career, travel, and friends.
  • Pictures are symbols of your last wishes. So choose each one of them. Under no circumstances should there be any militant, threatening and dark pictures on the map. Only health, joy, love, happiness and success! Only good pictures that cause positive emotions should be on your card of choice.
  • As you create, let the music be comfortable for you.
  • Determine when you want your wish to come true.
  • In the middle, insert a photo you like.
  • How can I make a wish list to make it work? Every attached photo should be eligible.
  • Then decorate your board with various elements (shells, pearls, ribbons, etc.).
  • How can I make a wish list? It’s easy if you put a little effort into it. Be sure to enjoy the process so you can get what you want!
  • The last step is to attach the card to the wall.
  • Another last tip – when guests come to you, hide it from other people’s eyes! If someone in your house refers to your case negatively or mockingly, then let your card “lurk” in a remote place, for example in a closet with clothes.

How Can I Make A Wish Card? Self Help  wish card self help How Can I Make A Wish Card


Now you understand what the wish card is, how to do it correctly, we also found out. We hope you have managed to create your unique treasure board. Believe what you want and it will always appear! Success and good luck!



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