How does Reiki – balance for the body

How does Reiki – balance for the body

Reiki balances body and mind and works on all levels: the physical, mental, emotional and emotional levels.

Reiki promotes self-healing, strengthens body and mind, dissolves blockages, cleanses of poisons, balances the power centers (chakras) and energy channels (meridians), restores harmony and flows in unlimited quantities. Reiki teaches spiritual growth, transformation, and spiritual blessing. Reiki is thus an immeasurable gift for us.

How Reiki works, you can not describe exactly because the effect can indeed be detected, but not the mode of action. Dr. Chujiro Hayashi (the most famous student of Reiki founder Dr. Mikao Usui) left in his documents the following thesis:

Reiki finds the cause of the physical symptoms, balances out the required oscillations, or replenishes them with energy, so that the health is restored.

Gladly the analogy to the water is sought to describe the effect of Reiki. If you pour a bucketful of water into a potholed street, the water will spread in the potholes. You do not have to go to each hole and fill it up; The water flows voluntarily into each one. That’s exactly how Reiki works. Let Reiki flow and the energy will voluntarily gather where it is needed.

This description of the mode of action is obvious, but not scientifically verifiable. The effect of Reiki is different for every person. If Reiki is used as an aid to self-healing, then the energy seeks a way to heal the person holistically. It may happen that the visible disease symptoms do not appear to change. The “cure” of the symptoms can partly begin long after the beginning of the “treatment”. Often, the condition also gets worse, but then stops very soon and the disease is cured, or so contained, that it has no consequences.

Reiki stimulates self-healing powers and connects body, mind and soul. Through Reiki, our innermost being reminded of this originality – of something that has always been and is always there. The free will of the Reiki recipient is never affected by the Reiki energy. The Reiki energy flows in a treatment where it is needed most and how it is appropriate for the recipient.

Reiki relaxes and enhances the inner well-being, is ideal for stress relief, recharge your batteries, relax and find your inner peace again. But Reiki is also in contact with one’s own intuition, the inner voice, a spiritual path to oneself.

The goal of Reiki is therefore to create harmony on all levels of being, ie in the body, in consciousness, in the aura field and in the mental realm. The result is wholeness, healing, health and freedom from blockages.


How does Reiki - balance for the body Reiki  reiki How does Reiki - balance for the body  Reiki, Life Energy

Reiki (life energy) is everywhere, in and around us. Life energy is the basis of all life. Our body constantly absorbs them from the environment in order to exist and to fulfill its tasks. This is as natural as breathing. Breathing also absorbs life energy. Many people “forget” sometimes to breathe, they breathe only shallow or with low volume, this is often a reason for a shortage of life energy. Another reason for the lack of life energy may be a malfunction of the energy pathways and energy centers. Energy channels (meridians) and energy centers (chakras) can become blocked and a lack of energy can occur. Absence of health is the consequence and the body speaks as a helping voice to make aware of the lack of harmony, love and attachment.

Here, Reiki can help return to harmony, when the recipient of the help really wants it, when he is really ready for growth, change, movement and self-responsibility. Without the inner and outer readiness, the body has to signal illness again and again, because it is its task to make the lack conscious.

As already mentioned, Reiki works on all levels: the physical, mental, emotional and emotional levels. In the following, the effect on the respective areas will be described in more detail.

Stress reduction – Relaxation – Calming – Strengthening the immune system – Effect of low disease states – Purification of toxins – amazing healings in eg eczema, allergies, cancer, nerve irritation, asthma, tumors, psoriasis, accelerated healing of wounds.

Harmonizing in the emotional sphere, balancing, feelings are experienced more alive, more fulfilling, inner strength builds up, rejected, repressed feelings are consciously worked on and newly integrated, stress eases, love becomes palpable, greater sensitivity, relationship healing, anxiety reduction, opening and centering. …

Intuition develops and intensifies, development of one’s own potential, good opening for pictures and ideas, new experiences, open for life, creativity, positive attitude towards life, recognizing one’s life task, promotion of self-development, perception of larger universal connections, clear decision-making power.

Meditation, finer, greater aura, connection with higher levels, development of spiritual abilities, expansion of consciousness, trust in the divine plan, knowing the meaningfulness of life.

Reiki does not replace a doctor or naturopath – but it can help support the therapy suggested by the professionals.

“What is done out of love always happens beyond good and evil.”

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