How To Increase Energy?

How to increase energy? Rehabilitation and improvement of male or female energy

Not all people think about what you need to care for their take internal energy and their own health. This article is about this and wants to talk about: How to improve energy and how to recover lost their level.

How To Increase Energy? Energy Body  ying yang how to increase energy level how to increase energy female energy meditation female energy energy   

Why are you doing it?

The first is to say that even if the person’s inner energy is visible to the naked eye, it does not mean that it is not. Often, when a man session feels a surge of strength, a certain fee. That’s power. It not only nourishes the soul but also the body, thanks to its state of the person has a certain mood, attitude and willingness, not only work but also live. Interestingly, the fact that the Chinese call this energy “Qi” and even invented a medicine that should improve the energy status should work – Qigong.

The most important rules

If you want to understand how to improve the power, if he knows a few golden rules, to help with the mental state of the body, everything will be fine. It also helps prevent and provide regular therapy that may otherwise be necessary.

  1. Quality nutrition (saturation of the body with beneficial substances, vitamins and trace elements).
  2. Normal rest (do not kill yourself with work, work by force.) For the normal functioning of the body regularly needs short rest, enough sleep and leave).
  3. The lack of negative mood. This is very important because when a person is angry, upset or angry, he destroys his own energy to transfer it to the wrong level.

Even just observing these relatively simple rules, we can say for sure that performance does not require extra work. However, it is always important to implement a variety of preventative measures that will be discussed further.

How To Increase Energy? Energy Body  ying yang how to increase energy level how to increase energy female energy meditation female energy energy

About embezzlement

Analyzing how to increase energy is worth saying a few words about what they actually spent. So, this is an important moment because reducing their expenses, only it can bring many benefits own body.

  1. Feelings and negative emotions. He drains the whole energy draining a person. More than once, most likely, many people feel after experiencing how they “squeezed.” So, this was the total destruction of internal energy.
  2. Emotional stress. A small number of them are useful for the body in the form of a shake, but it should be very rare. Otherwise insults, small arguments and misunderstandings also pumped out of the body’s vital energy.
  3. Artificially increase energy. Receiving energy – drinks, alcohol or smoking – it’s all just an illusion of the body with some filling useful. If at this point the man and I felt an energy boost after having to pay much more. It’s like a loan or a loan of money for interest.
  4. Trifles. If a person has no specific purpose, he does not know what to do and what to strive for, it is also very depleting energy reserves. Spraying on the little things – the enemy of any organism, it is worth remembering.
Recovery of energy

Very often there are situations when a person feels completely exhausted after a certain situation. In this case, it is very useful to find relatively simple advice on how to restore the strength of the person. Using the procedure called “sun disk”, the body can perform normally in a few hours.

How To Increase Energy? Energy Body  ying yang how to increase energy level how to increase energy female energy meditation female energy energy  Action Procedure

The algorithm of the procedure contains some pretty simple steps. The procedure is as follows.

  1. It is necessary to imagine a big solar disk. First, must be turned in the opposite direction, the remains of negativity are pulled out of the human body. The disc should be growing gradually, which would indicate that the body is cleansed.
  2. The next important stage – to introduce how a drive changes direction and fills the human body with a light, golden vitality and energy.
  3. Next, you need to create behind him a virtual mirror ball that will also attract the sun’s energy to saturate your body.
  4. The latter is a very important stage in engineering, which explains how to restore the power of man: send the solar disk in the bowels of the earth. It is also necessary to imagine how negative energy is completely transformed into a positive one.

I want to say that today there are as many different ways as possible to cleanse your body from the negative and restore lost energy. However, the above procedure is one of the simplest, it does not require any special knowledge and skills and is also available to the beginner.


Be sure to tell you how to improve performance, or rather, too – how to constantly improve. This must be done every human being as the only way to keep in good shape continuously not only the body but also, very important, the mind. So there are some simple but very effective ways to keep yourself in good shape:

  1. Vera our hope love. Although for many it may seem ridiculous, as psychologists and energy are recommended in the good things to believe in a better future, hope that life is the best way, and love not only friends but also for everyone else. Maximum positive and only good feelings – is a guarantee of a strong, healthy human force.
  2. Thank you. Make sure you also have to be treated with gratitude for everything that happens in life. So one should always say “thank you” to others, thank you for all the good that happens in life, higher performance.
  3. Hobby. A very important piece of advice on how to increase the energy of the body – to do things that you love. And if the main place of work is not related to a hobby, near the heart of a busy should still pay a lot of time. Enjoying the process, the person who already produces himself is a positive energy that nourishes his body.
  4. Communication. It should be remembered, and this energy can be charged. So, when dealing with positive people, you can replenish your supply with great powers. However, it is important to remember that there are humans – energy vampires who steal energy. Such individuals should be more careful and keep communication to a minimum.
  5. Self-hypnosis. A very important rule is, charged with energy – to call them, the emotions and the brain. So, you have to learn how to make an outburst of energy visible in the body, and it will actually happen.
  6. Pleasant emotions. And most probably the most important rule, how to increase the energy level – always feel just positive emotions. The communication with relatives, meeting with friends, a close contact with your loved ones – that everything can be charged to the most positive person, so to speak the ears.

About women energy

Interesting is the fact that male and female energy is different in nature. In addition, they have a different purpose. So it is worth noting that the power of women is directed primarily to men, men – to the fairer sex. What can we say exactly about the ladies? So, for them, the most important rule – to bring, love, peace and quiet. What should be the main energy flows for them? To fulfil its main purpose, the lady in the world should bring beauty, order, love, sensuality.


But sometimes it happens that the female sex is not always possible to fulfil it. To cope with this problem, you can, if you understand, how to increase the power of women. What you have to do?

  1. To understand what holodynamic, and learn how to apply its principles (the entry with his own mind, to combat various causes internal problems).
  2. Movies. For many, this may seem strange, but good romance fine ladies help improve their female energy.
  3. Music. The same applies to music. You should listen to your favourite artist. however, if not particularly preferred, it is better to do a classic quiet and peaceful work.
  4. Dress. Life was bright and you have to be the brightest. What I want to say to the ladies who want to understand how to increase the power of women: do not be afraid of the bright dress. Bright light colours are capable of much in terms of feminine energy.
  5. Eat. Binding rule: competent food. Maximum useful vitamins and minerals and a minimum of junk food – this is the guarantee of health not only the body but also the mind.
  6. Thoughts. Well, most probably the best advice is to increase the power of women: just to think positively and love attitude all around him.

With the men

Analyzing the question of how to restore power, always a few words have to be said about the male side of the problem. Well, it’s no less important than the female. So what is the purpose of the strong sex? Protection, security, activity and determination.

Energy the strong sex raising

So, what should be done for men to boost male energy into their own body? So it’s worth noting that counselling will be similar to the way women work.

  1. Jobs holodynamic. This point is important for men and women, in fact, works with your subconscious mind to every person should be able to, regardless of gender.
  2. Movies. Boys also have to watch movies, but those where there are examples of masculinity, strength, chivalry. Such views in the body very positively affect the level of male energy.
  3. Music. The strong sex is better to hear brisk music that is able to inspire the activity. Again, I would like to advise the classics to transform.
  4. Dress. as well as women For men, it is important to dress properly. Guys better fold a teenager’s style because he does not feel a man in full height.
  5. Make sure men should try to make their own decisions. It is also good to play sports, but it is an important point: the need to eliminate the aggression, because it does not increase energy, and vice versa, is theft.
  6. Successes. And of course, a representative of the stronger sex has something to achieve in life. Let it be a small victory, but it is also capable of fueling the energy of every human being.

How To Increase Energy? Energy Body  ying yang how to increase energy level how to increase energy female energy meditation female energy energy


But it is also important to mention the fact that a person coexists perfectly in the body with two energies – male and female. And everybody needs harmony for its tandem. So not clearly leading to the split, it is better if a person tries to fill the vessels both female and male energy equally and in parallel.

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