A rock crystal tip with a flat footprint can be used as an energy transmitter. 

To do this, you write a positive word with the energy you want to be around in the room (or, for example, at your desk while studying or working), in the appropriate colour on a piece of paper.

For example concentration in yellow, health in blue, joie de vivre in orange, success in green etc. Then the energizing rock crystal tip is placed upright on the word and the word is pronounced. The rock crystal takes up the word and distributes this desired energy – like a small lighthouse it’s light – around itself.

If you like, you can support the effect with a colour-matching candle. 

If you want to change the world, you lift the rock crystal tip with a little thank you and place it in a nice place with direct light (windowsill, balcony, garden) for at least one day. You burn the paper.

Then you can put the rock crystal tip back on a new word as needed.

HOW TO PREPARE ENERGY TRANSMITTER FROM CRYSTAL? Best Healing Crystals and Chakras  rock crystal energy crystal

Green aventurine- also avanturine, aventurine quartz, mica quartz  or sleep stone

For what & against:

Regeneration and recovery are properties for which the green aventurine is known. It has a calming and relaxing effect on the body and helps to let go of worries. He brings calm and harmony, patience and serenity to restless or uncertain life phases and situations.

In magic, the aventurine is also considered a wealth stone and a lucky charm, which is linked to growth, success, fertility and renewal through its green colour.

It can thus be used to support all objectives in which somewhat increased or should be made to grow.

This quartz is a powerful channel of the life force of the earth, the development and creation and the power of constant renewal of nature. It is a great help to keep a company on track, a project on schedule or life under control.

Its calming energy helps in all situations where something is done for the first time. First days of school, first days in a new job, a new relationship or another time when doubts can have negative effects.

In Chinese mythology, this particular gem honours Kuan-Yin, the Chinese goddess of mercy and compassion. She is one of the most popular Chinese goddesses and is considered by many to be a protector of women and children.

Therefore, green aventurine is often given to women who are pregnant with their first child. It helps them to react to the special fears in this still unknown situation with calm and serenity.

Planet Mercury
Element Air

HOW TO PREPARE ENERGY TRANSMITTER FROM CRYSTAL? Best Healing Crystals and Chakras  rock crystal energy crystal

Suggested use :

Under the pillow, the stone promises better sleep and relaxed sleep. It is also well suited to support meditation. When meditating while sitting, he is often placed on the top of the palms openly one above the other.

During meditation, while lying down, it can be placed directly on the body, choosing a part of the body that is associated with the symptoms. For example on the forehead with restless thoughts or maybe on the stomach if the worries cause a “stomach ache”.

Aventurine essence in the mop water should attract customers just as an aventurine in the cash register should make them sound.

With an Aventurine in your wallet – to have a positive impact on the flow of money – the stone should not lie with the coins in order not only to attract small change but also with the notes. He is also popular as a lucky charm in betting and gambling, but not in competitions.

Gemstone water :
Due to the sometimes very different composition ratios and inclusions of different minerals, only aventurines offered explicitly as water stones could be used for the production of gemstone water for internal use or for application to the body!

Only raw (or lightly drummed for safety reasons) aventurines are also suitable. All stones with a polished, smooth and possibly even colour-refined surface should not be placed directly in water, which is used physically, since polishing substances, colours or similar aids could come off from these stones.

Aventurine gets its colour through the storage of various minerals, especially various types of mica. It is available as a yellow, green, blue or red to the red-brown variant, with inclusions of, for example, mica, fuchsite or hematite, which cause a glitter that is referred to as a venture scene.

That is why the objects (blown or cast) created after rolling mica flakes into hot glass mass are called Aventuring glass.

This stone should actually be called aventurine quartz, otherwise, it can be confused with a variety of feldspar, which bears the same short name, but is correctly called aventurine feldspar. 


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