Important minor chakras

Important minor chakras

The seven main chakras have been described in detail on the previous pages, but there are a variety of minor chakras. The most important, we would like to introduce you here:

The hands play a big role in our dealings with other people. Through touch, we can share in one another’s state of consciousness and give up our own. For example, we can calm others and heal worries. Strongly developed people can even relieve and heal illnesses by putting on their hands.

All seven major chakras have their counterparts in energy points on the hands. The chakra energies can, therefore, be harmonized by gentle stimulation of the hand chakras. These lie in the middle of the palms and are described as blue-green energy vortex. Via the hand chakras, healing powers emerge. The hand chakras are mainly related to the activity of the heart chakra. Anything that stimulates the hand chakras also stimulates the energies of the heart chakra. Artistic work with the hands, such as painting or doing crafts, playing a musical instrument, manual labor, even cooking, help to raise awareness of your hand chakras.

The hand chakras are essential in healing. When energetic healing anyway, as a healer with his hands to feel and conduct energy must. Very important in healing, however, is also the involvement of the heart. Healers usually have a very developed heart chakra and can, therefore, accept their clients in their pain and their problems. So they work not only with the hands but since these are associated with the heart chakra, just with this, with its strong-willed and receiving side, are in good harmony.

The foot chakras are closely related to the root chakra. The feet are our direct connection to the earth. Over the feet, we have a constant exchange of energy with the earth. The feet ensure a firm footing in life. They contain a reflection of all the chakras of the body. Through the well-known foot reflexology massage, the individual chakras can be stimulated and thus diseases in the connection with the chakra body regions are alleviated.

According to the chakra theory, all the main chakras are formed on the soles of the feet and can, therefore, be harmonized by treating the feet. The root chakra corresponds to the lower part of the heel, the heart chakra about the middle of the sole of the foot below the ball, the crown chakra to the upper part of the toe. Like the chakras of the hand, the foot chakras belong in the chakra doctrine, the minor chakras. We believe both types of chakras are as important as the main chakras. The foot chakras are mainly related to the root chakra. When the energy in the foot chakras is stimulated and allowed to flow freely, we are rooted in the original forces of the earth and firmly grounded in life. A healthy root center is a basis for good health and the development of the other chakras. The foot chakras are described as dark red light vertebrae in the middle of the sole of the foot.

“One day, everything will be alright, that’s our hope.

Today everything is fine, that is our illusion.”

Quote: Voltaire

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