Important Planetary Sound Frequencies

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Which Are The Important Planetary Sound Frequencies?

Tone: 194.18 Hertz = G, the assigned color: orange-red, assigned chakras: base chakra and sacral chakra.

Important Planetary Sound Frequencies & Singing bowls

That vibrate here have a dynamic, vitalising, energy-building, strengthening effect (medical: toning). This frequency charges the body with energy. Weak bodies regenerate faster. The frequency is used for immune diseases and decay phenomena. The healthy person grounds himself with such a singing bowl, relaxes and uses it to generate lust for the day or general physical pleasure.

Year tone (OM) : also corresponds to the “OM” tone Tone: 136.10 Hertz = Cis, the assigned color: blue-green, assigned chakras: heart and throat chakra Singing bowls, which vibrate here, have a relaxing, calming, loosening, balancing effect, relaxing (medical: sedating).
The annual note C sharp with 136.10 Hz is the 32nd octave of the earth year. The corresponding color (74th octave of the earth year) is turquoise with a wavelength of approx. 500 nanometers. The basis of this tone is the rotation of the earth around the sun. This is the second cosmic rhythm of our planet. Just as the daily rhythm primarily affects the body, the change in the seasons primarily affects the “mind”, the sphere of the heart.

Important Planetary Sound Frequencies Astrology And The Chakras  Sound Frequencies sound Important Planetary Sound Frequencies


Annual tone, tone 172.06 Hertz = F, the assigned color: red-violet, assigned chakras: root and crown chakra Singing bowls, which vibrate here, awaken the cheerful and clear in the spirit, promote cosmic unity at the highest level and at the same time have a very grounding effect.

Important Planetary Sound Frequencies & Lilith

Like the “lunar knot”, Lilith is not a celestial body, but a calculated point resulting from the moon’s elliptical orbit around the earth. An ellipse (the shape of an egg) has geometrically two focal points.

The earth lies in one focal point of this ellipse, the second focal point is, astronomically speaking, an empty space, but is called the point of Lilith. The name Lilith goes back to Adam’s first wife in Paradise, who rebelled against Adam because Adam did not want to accept her as equal. In the Babylonian Empire she is a deity worshiped as Lilitu, Ishtar or Lamashtu.

There the goddess is represented as a naked winged woman with claw feet. To the right and left of her sit two owls as symbols of her wisdom. In astrology, Lilith expands the dimension of experience and the dimension of the impact of planets that are in the aspect with Lilith.

Transferred to the effect of the singing bowls, Lilith promotes intuition, strengthens self-confidence and opens the heart to the outside world. The frequency of the Lilith tone maps onto the color green-yellow. Associated chakra: heart chakra.

Important Planetary Sound Frequencies Astrology And The Chakras  Sound Frequencies sound Important Planetary Sound Frequencies


Is an asteroid that orbits the sun between Saturn and Uranus and takes 51 years to do so. As the legend tells, Chiron was injured by a poisoned arrow from Hercules. But since he was immortal, he could not die and had to live with the severe pain. To alleviate these, he became a healer who found grace late when he bequeathed his immortality to Prometheus.

That is why Chiron is a symbol of the suffering of the past and, above all, of the way to emerge from it purified. Chiron is a healer who works by “recognizing the very work of the soul”. Singing bowls with a Chiron character are ideal for meditation or shamanic trance healing work. The assigned colors are purple and red.


Astronomically, because of its orbit near Earth and Mars, Eros is not part of the conventional objects of the asteroid belt, but it has at least a fairly circular orbit. He needs 643 days to orbit the sun on this orbit inclined by 10.8 °.

There are very good photographs of Eros that show a rather misshapen, peanut-like chunk 56 km long and about 14 km in diameter. Eros became known through a probe that touched it in 2001, but Eros was discovered on August 13, 1898.

Eros represents the opposite pole to reason and logic. It is the lowest point in the horoscope and, viewed astrologically, represents a symbol of the depth of the soul. Its frequency is reflected in the blue-violet light in a higher octave. Its assigned chakras are the third eye and the crown chakra.


Is not an astrological phenomenon, but the meditative keynote of the Hopi Indians. According to their tradition, an earth chakra located in the area of ​​the Hopis vibrates at this frequency. Musically, this tone corresponds to E. Contrary to many opinions that the corresponding chakra is the heart chakra, this tone maps directly into the violet light and thus belongs to the crown chakra.

Alpha wave

Is also not an astrological phenomenon, but has established itself as a planetary sound in the field of singing bowls in recent years. It is based on the 10 Hertz frequency of the alpha state during the EEG, a state of thoughtless wakefulness that has a healing and strengthening effect. While 10 Hertz is valid for most people, the general Alpha wave range is between 8 and 12 Hertz, so that not all people are addressed by this tone. Associated Chakra: Crown Chakra.

Theta wave

Another sound that has gained importance. It is based on the 7Hz frequency measurement of the meditation state during the EEG, in which waking dreams or insightful visions can occur. The condition promotes the ability to remember and learn. However, here, too, it can be said that only a majority of this frequency is addressed and the actual spectrum of the theta wave is between 5 and 8 Hz. Associated chakra: Solar plexus.

The brain researcher Michael Hutchison calls the 7.83 Hertz the electromagnetic matrix for all life on this planet, the frequency in which all life forms have developed and which until a few decades ago was the predominant electromagnetic frequency in which all life played out.

Because the Schumann frequency is measured in the lymbic system of the brain just as it occurs constantly in the atmosphere in which this frequency is generated by the approximately 3000 thunderstorms that take place on earth every day.

Astronauts came back to Earth physically and mentally exhausted from their first space excursions. At first, the so-called “space sickness” was a mystery. It was later realized that people who have to live without the Schumann frequency cannot experience renewal and revitalization. For NASA this meant a very costly supply of the vital frequency of the earth’s magnetic field in space.

If you expose people to amplified frequency generators in the range of 7.83 Hertz, they rule with an altered state of consciousness and well-being. Five octaves higher, that is 250.56 Hz. The color equivalent of the Schumann basic resonance frequency is in the range of the color green. Singing bowls with the Schumann frequency act on the heart chakra.

Master tone or Schumann frequency 2

While 7.83 Hertz is also called fair weather noise, this frequency shifts to 8.00 Hertz in winter, which generally has the same effect as the Schumann frequency 1. 8 Hz is three octaves higher than 1 Hz. 1 Hertz = 1 oscillation per second. If one were to take the resulting C at 128 Hz as the fundamental of our scale (concert pitch a at 432 Hz), we would at the same time relate it to our time calculation.

This was recommended by some prominent personalities in the past, including Rudolph Steiner, who wanted to create “music in harmony with our nature” in this way. The frequency maps onto the color green.

  1. Moon culmination, associated chakras: Root and sacral chakra.
  2. Metonic cycle, associated chakra: Solar plexus.
  3. Saros period, associated chakras: Solar plexus, heart chakra.
  4. Sidereal Moon, Associated Chakra: Solar Plexus.
  5. The water, dolphin and pi singing bowl tones were researched as relevant and authoritative tones by Traugott Durrer in Switzerland at the beginning of this millennium. The water singing bowl mainly affects the root chakra, the dolphin singing bowl (we use the name Schumann Frequency I) affects the heart chakra and the pi-tone interacts with the sacral chakra.
  6. Geomagnetic field, associated chakras: Third eye and crown chakra. The frequency is 149.74Hz, the color is blue-violet. The earth’s magnetic field changes slightly and periodically depending on the time of day. This is called micropulsation.
  7. The micropulsation frequency shows a maximum at 9-10Hz. The maximum was chosen so that it shows the minor third above the Schumann resonance. Phenomenological studies assign harmonizing effects to this frequency. It helps with detoxification and spiritual cleansing.

Planets – signs of the zodiac – assignments:

Aries: Mars Taurus: Venus Gemini: Mercury Cancer: Moon Leo: Sun Virgo: Mercury Libra: Venus Scorpio: Pluto (Mars) Sagittarius: Jupiter Capricorn: Saturn Aquarius: Uranus (Saturn) Pisces: Neptune (Jupiter)

Planet orbit color assignment:

Mars: Blue
Venus: Orange-yellow
Mercury: Blue
Synodic moon: Orange
Sun: Green
Pluto: Blue
Jupiter: Red
Saturn: Blue
Uranus: Orange
Neptune: Orange
Mean solar day: Red-orange

Mean solar year: Green
Sidereal month: Yellow
Metonic Cycle: Yellow
Saros period: Yellow-green
Moon node: Yellow
Theta wave: Yellow
Alpha wave: Purple
Hopiton: Purple

Symbol interpretations of the houses:

House 1: Self-realization
House 2: Ownership
House 3: Communication
House 4: Home, childhood
House 5: Creativity, children, stage

House 6: Work, health
House 7: Partner relationships
House 8: Inheritance, far-reaching
house 9: International relations,
House 10 : Public, occupation
House 11: Friendships
House 12: Hidden, enclosed



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