Magical Practices for Summer

If you follow the tradition of the “seasonal altar” at home, it was not easy in spring to find suitable jewellery in nature …
The few delicate blossoms of the snowdrops or other early signs of spring would hardly have survived the picking or, like the pussy willow, would have to be left in nature as bee food.

Now in the summer, nature’s heyday, you can hardly decide which fragrant, shining, energetically vibrating flowers and herbs you would like to pick for the season’s altar after a short walk or a visit to the garden.

Even if you don’t pick the summer flowers, you can still take something with you: exercise that makes perfect!
Perhaps you decide to touch, sniff and admire many flowers gently – but leave them in nature.
The moment of enjoyment is what really matters. To absorb the energy of the plant, to give it mindfulness and admiration. This is a wonderful opportunity to practice one of the most important magical techniques: memorize individual flowers, the scent, the colour, the texture of the surface. Close your eyes and remember. If the inner picture is not yet perfect, then open your eyes again, look again, sniff again. So often until you can close your eyes and still see the flower in front of you in every detail.

This exercise in visualization will later benefit every ritual!

The more you train it, the more precise all your inner images become. Then you can also imagine things that still need to be achieved.

Just as you can imagine these summer flowers in the deepest, coldest winter. Seeing the goal as tangible in the mind’s eye is an important part of goal-oriented, success-oriented ritual magic, with which one can support the fulfilment of the heart’s desires.

June, the month of femininity

The first summer month, the sixth month according to the Gregorian calendar, owes its name to the Roman goddess Juno, the goddess of femininity, birth and marriage – to be equated with the Greek goddess Hera.

The magic of this month is more binding than the May magic with its themes of awakening love and unleashed passion.

June goes a step further, so to speak, and is therefore particularly suitable for rituals that are associated with marriage, starting a family or protecting partnerships and house blessings.

This month, therefore, protective bags are traditionally made from herbs that have just been collected and dried in the June sun.

The energies of this positive, bright month are “caught” in the magical helpers, so to speak, and then support them for a year with this power.

The next June these protection or blessing spells will be renewed.

This month also includes one of the four smaller public holidays of the year.

June 20 – Summer Solstice (also Alban Heruin) is celebrated when the longest day and shortest night of the year have come. The summer solstice is one of the few pagan festivals, together with Beltaine, which is still widely celebrated to this day.

Even if with very different traditions, the festive gathering in very special places outdoors, at large summer solstice fires, is still very popular. Desires and offerings were thrown into the solstice fire favour a rich harvest – also figuratively.

This festival is a sun festival and is celebrated on this fixed (astronomical) date. It is the day when the zenith of the sun reaches the northernmost point on the northern tropic.

This moment marks the beginning of summer in the northern hemisphere according to the astronomical definition.
At the summer solstice on June 20 or 21, the astronomical time of the longest day and the shortest night of the year has come.

From now on, the bright day is getting shorter and the dark time is increasing. This turn marks one of the most important pagan festivals. It is one of the few pre-Christian festivals that are still widespread to celebrate.

Magical Practices for Summer Self Help  summer magical practices magical magic

Magical Practices for Summer- Many names and traditions

Fortunately, the festive gathering at special places outdoors, for large summer solstice fires, is still very popular.

The names for this festival are very different.

From the common (astronomical) term summer solstice to solstice festival, solstice celebration, midsummer festival, a midsummer night to the very common term Litha (spoken “little”) among witches and pagans.

The Welsh name, “Alban Heruin”, which often matches “Alban Elued” for the autumn-day-and-night matches, “Alban Eiler” for the spring-day-and-night matches, is also frequently read and heard and “Alban Arthurian” is used for the winter solstice.

In Christian parlance, you can find St. John’s Day with its very own (ecclesiastical) traditions, while pre-Christian rites are simply dismissed with the name “witch festival”.

Only one thing is certain: the solstice was an important festival in pre-Christian times.

Magical Practices for Summer Self Help  summer magical practices magical magic

A festival of joie de vivre and strength

Whether this summer festival is celebrated during the day with brightness and sunshine or whether you illuminate the shortest night of the year with a dancing solstice fire is up to your personal preferences.

It is also possible to celebrate the summer solstice individually, contemplatively and quietly, consciously experiencing the first rays of the sun at sunrise and consciously noticing the increasing warmth, perhaps with a tea made from summer flowers.

A festival of joie de vivre and strength

In the Middle Ages, it was said to be the custom at “Sunnwendfeuertanz” to dance and jump around the fire until exhaustion. The farmers hoped that this “sacrificed” vital force would turn to the upcoming harvest.

Magical Practices for Summer Self Help  summer magical practices magical magic

Turning point and change

It is the right time to express wishes. This festival is intended to mark a turning point at which we make peace with past things and are optimistic about the future. Symbolic objects or ritual papers written with wishes are often thrown into the fire.

Thanks also go to the wish!

Anyone who has given the fire his wishes for transformation should also offer a fire victim afterwards. For example, small wreaths of dried flowers or herbs, garlands made of coloured paper or something similar. Chosen with love, made with your own hands!

The first jump, then celebrate.

When everyone has done their honour to the fire, it is time to jump over the fire.

Couples jump over the fire together – this strengthens the relationship for a (further) year.

When jumping, it applies to everyone that he/she should want a positive personal change.

Then the feast begins. The same applies here: you should bake / cook / make as much as possible yourself. Cake and wine (or grape juice) should definitely be served, otherwise, this part is entirely up to your own taste.

Amulets from the firewood

A piece of wood dried on the solstice fire is still considered a good luck amulet.

With the coal side of a rod burned on one side in the solstice fire, protective symbols were once drawn on the house and barn.

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