Heart Chakra Meditation: Instructions for opening, purifying, strengthening and healing the 4th main chakra (Anahata). Mudra, mantra and music for meditation.

Heart Chakra Meditation: Open, Purify, Strengthen and Heal

The heart chakra is the fourth chakra of the seven main chakras. The Anahata Chakra stands for the higher love, devotion, compassion and love of the heart. It is not surprising that this energy center is relatively strained for most people. Within chakra meditation, it should be treated regularly and strengthened.

MEDITATION HEART CHAKRA Meditation  MEDITATION HEART CHAKRA meditation heart chakra meditation tibetan bowls heart chakra meditation kundalini yoga heart chakra meditation chakra meditation music Chakra Meditation chakra  Meditation: Activate the heart chakra

“Enter the heart room”

Go to a quiet, undisturbed place where you like to be. Sit in either the Lotus or the Cross-legged. Lay your hands palm-down on your knees. Make sure you keep your posture as level as possible. Now close your eyes.

Observe your feelings, thoughts, and images that show themselves throughout the exercise. Try to stay away from judgment and analysis.

  • Draw your attention to your heart area. Feel your own heart energy. How does she feel?
  • How does your heart feel? What physical and energetic sensations do you feel?
  • What feelings can you perceive?
  • Imagine your heart full of light. Breathe pure clear light into your heart. Let it expand more and more until your whole inner space is filled with this light. Now let this light shine outward too
  • Now go deeper into your heart, let yourself fall. Embrace your own heart. Give yourself.
  • Observe all the experiences that come to you and release a little more with each breath to drop you into the space of your heart.
  • Can you perceive qualities of peace, devotion or love? Then let yourself fall into it? Otherwise, feel whatever you meet and embrace it deeply.
  • Feel the closeness of this encounter with yourself, cuddle with your own energy.
  • Allow your energy to expand, flow outward, give away
  • Embrace yourself in deep love and acceptance and feel the peace and warmth that comes from this self-embrace – feel the unconditional love of your soul for yourself
  • Feel the love for the people in your life, for the nature, for the universe. Feel the richness in you that multiplies if you give it away consciously
  • Feel this space of your heart, your own inner temple, the home of your soul. Let’s get there, let yourself fall.
  • Feel the beauty, the tenderness and the divine in you, in gratitude for yourself
  • Bath in yourself until you are ready to open your eyes again
  • Take the feeling into your everyday life, and return to this place again and again during the day

MEDITATION HEART CHAKRA Meditation  MEDITATION HEART CHAKRA meditation heart chakra meditation tibetan bowls heart chakra meditation kundalini yoga heart chakra meditation chakra meditation music Chakra Meditation chakra

Alternative meditation in case of difficulties :

If you can not feel anything intense the first few times, that’s not bad, it’s relatively normal. Maybe the following steps will help you:

  • Just focus your attention on your heart and feel your inhalation and exhalation touching your heart. Feel the sense of expansion of warmth created by inhalation and the sense of giving, radiance, and exhalation relief.
  • Be aware that you are love – do not expect, but just be in this moment, in that consciousness
  • Now think of a moment in your life when you felt deep tender love: a heartfelt song perhaps, a child or a small animal, what has moved your heart, a deep hug, a moment of soul encounter … remember. Feel yourself again at this moment. What did you say? How did you feel? Feel your love and dedication.
  • Feel the energy of this love, feel it physically and try to let go of everything else and let yourself sink into this feeling
  • With every breath, this feeling continues to expand until you reach the limits of expansion.
  • Stay there for a while.
  • Try to keep this inner state as long as possible when you return to the outside world.

It is best to repeat this exercise several times a day to make the space of your heart go on and on, making it easier and easier for you to enter. To activate and open your heart chakra more and more.

Meditation: Opening, strengthening and healing the heart chakra

Duration: about 5 to 10 minutes

This meditation works with the earth energies. This is especially useful at the beginning, to achieve a powerful but also organic and gentle opening of the chakras and not to lift too much. But it is also possible to simply take energy from the cosmos through your field, if that feels more natural to you.

If you feel safe with this meditation and your own energy, instead of working with the earth, you can work with the 8th chakra and the crown chakra and breathe the energy into your chakras from there. (see: Chakra Compensation) If you like to work with visualizations, you can, for example, imagine a sun over your head.

Preparation of meditation

Head to a tranquil, soothing place in the lotus flower or cross-legged, laying your hands palm-down on your knees (you can also use the traditional mudra and mantra – see below) and breathe in and out three times. Be sure to take a straight posture.

Concentration on the heart chakra

  • Imagine how long roots grow into the soil, how to connect to the earth. Feel the power and the support that flows from this connection to you
  • Keep this idea within you until a deep sense of rootedness and stamina expands within you
  • Breathe deeply in and out for a while, with the attention in your heart
  • Become aware that the whole universe is made of light, so are you

Breathing into the heart chakra

  • As you inhale, you breathe white, pure light into Root Chakra, your sacral chakra, up through the Solar Plexus chakra to your Heart Chakra. If you like, imagine the light turning from deep red in your root chakra to green when it reaches your heart chakra.
  • As you exhale, this light flows back through your field and back to the universe via the lower chakras
  • Feel how the lower chakras fill with light, passing it on to the next chakra until it eventually expands into a green sphere of light in your heart chakra.

Completing the meditation

  • If you feel that the maximum extent has been reached, finish your meditation
  • Put your hands in the heart area, feel your heart energy and thank the universe.
  • If you want to do more chakra work, then you can now go to the throat chakra meditation and skip the next point.
  • Open your eyes at a comfortable pace and slowly become aware of your surroundings.

Heart chakra meditation with mudra, mantra and singing bowls

  • For this mediation use the Mudra for the heart chakra. Place your hands on the knees with the palms facing upwards. In the left hand, thumb and ring finger touch, in the right hand touch thumb and middle finger. Men do it the other way around.
  • Focus your attention on the seat of your heart chakra under your sternum. Take a deep breath and begin to hum the sound of YAM with the exhalation. Repeat this 15-20 times and make sure that you are breathing through the mouth and felt through the chest.
  • Singing Bowl: The accompanying listening to a swinging singing bowl especially for the heart chakra, of course best in real, but also as mp3, is a great support for the meditation.

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