Meditation Root Chakra: Instructions for opening, purifying, strengthening and healing the 1st main chakra (Muladhara). Mudra, mantra and music for meditation.

MEDITATION ROOT CHAKRA Meditation  meditation chakra

Root Chakra Meditation: Opening, Purifying, Strengthening and Healing

The Root Chakra is the first chakra of the seven main chakras. It stands for the connection to the earthly, the life force, the success and the survival. From our experience, it is one of the most common and strongest blocked chakras. The chakra meditation, especially for the root chakra, is therefore recommended regularly. Even very spiritually developed humans, and especially those who assume of themselves to be beyond any doubt, should test this basic chakra again and again for blockages and bring them to a better flow.

MEDITATION ROOT CHAKRA Meditation  meditation chakra

Meditation: Activate Root Chakra

Duration: about 10 minutes

Go to a quiet, undisturbed place where you like to be. Sit in either the lotus flower seat or the cross-legged seat. Lay your hands palm-down on your knees. Make sure you keep your posture as level as possible. Now close your eyes.

  • Inhale and exhale three times, drawing your attention to your breath
  • Now stretch the perineal and anal muscles twice in a row without breathing
  • Breathe deeply again and feel the energy slowly starting to flood your body from your root chakra
  • Tighten the abdominal and anal muscles twice without breathing
  • Start breathing again and feel the flow of energy triggered by the on and relaxation of your anus muscles

Repeat this sequence for about five minutes. Observe the change in the flow of energy, how wave-like the energy in your body rises and continues to expand.

  • Relax, breathe gently into your root chakra and feel for a short time
  • Now draw your attention to your heart area, feel your own energy there, peace and devotion.
  • Feel the energy in your root chakra that may still rise and create beautiful, subtle sensory nuances in you. Connect these feelings with the feeling of your heart.

Begin your time to open your eyes and slowly become aware of your surroundings.


Meditation: Open, strengthen and heal the root chakra

Duration: about 5 to 10 minutes


This meditation works with earth energies. This is especially useful at the beginning to achieve a powerful but also organic and gentle opening of the chakras and not to “lift off” too much. But it is also possible to simply take energy from the cosmos through your field if that feels more natural to you.

 If you feel safe with this meditation and your own energy, instead of working with the earth, you can work with the 8th chakra and the crown chakra and breathe the energy into your chakras from there. (see: Chakra Compensation) If you like to work with visualizations, you can, for example, imagine a sun over your head.

Preparation of meditation

Head to a quiet, soothing place in the lotus or cross-legged position, place your hands palm-down on your knees and exhale and inhale three times. Be sure to take a straight posture.

Focus on the root chakra
  • Imagine how, starting from your root chakra, long energetic roots grow into the ground, creating a connection to the earth. Feel the power and the support that flows from this connection to you
  • Keep this idea within you until a deep sense of rootedness and stamina expands within you
  • Breathe deep into your abdomen for a while and feel the area of ​​your root chakra feel. Allow all sensations and try to let go of all the tensions you may hold.

Breathing into the root chakra

  • Become aware that the whole universe is made of energy and light, so are you
  • As you inhale, you absorb white, pure light through the root chakra. Imagine the light turning deep red and making your root chakra shine from within.
  • As you exhale, this light flows back through the root chakra back to the universe
  • With each breath, the light in your root chakra grows to a beautiful red cloud of light.
  • Feel your root chakra fill up with light and continue to expand

Completing the meditation

  • If you feel that the maximum extent has been reached, finish your meditation
  • Lay your hands in the heart area, feel your own heart energy and thanks the universe.
  • If you want to do more chakra work, you can now go to sacral chakra meditation and skip the next point.
  • Open your eyes at a comfortable pace and slowly become aware of your surroundings.

Root chakra meditation with mudra, mantra and singing bowls

  • Mudra: Lay your palms up on your thighs. Thumb and forefinger touch each other, not the other fingers.
  • Mantra: Focus your attention on the seat of your root chakra. Take a deep breath and start to hum the sound of LAM with the exhalation. Imagine you inhale energy into your chakra, which expands as you exhale. Repeat this 15-20 times and make sure that you breathe through the mouth into the abdomen.
  • Singing Bowl: The accompanying listening to a swinging singing bowl especially for the root chakra, of course, best in real, but also as mp3, is a great support for the meditation.
  • Click for video

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