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Opening the Chakras

The aim of open chakras work, chakra healing, chakra meditation and chakra therapy is not only to balance the chakras, but above all to open them:

But what does that mean anyway?

Chakra work is awareness work

When working with the chakras, it is essential in our eyes to understand that chakra work is actually consciousness work: opening the chakras actually means opening the consciousness. Apart from supporting purposes, therefore, one does not work directly with the chakras, but rather with the contents of consciousness which impair one or more chakras in their function.

Because each chakra fulfills a specific function, for exactly this reason they are so well suited for an “energetic diagnosis” of consciousness – because the state of a chakra usually provides clear clues as to which consciousness topics in a person’s life need curative attention.

Consequently, in order to open chakras, work on consciousness is necessary. The chakras provide us with a unique, systematic and comprehensive map of human consciousness that makes it easy to identify deeper causes and relationships through self-diagnosis.

common misunderstandings

On the Internet, opening the chakras is usually referred to (with and without mudras, energetic finger positions), yoga, mantras, aromatherapy and working with gemstones – or the services of an energy or spiritual healer.

While all these techniques and approaches to healing have a strong impact on the chakras and the human being as a whole, they should be considered more of a supportive part of a holistic healing approach.

Even through invasive energetic healing methods such as Reiki is indeed an energizing and harmonization of the chakras possible – but this will not be sustainable in the rule. It is about resolving the cause of a blockage and preventing it from reoccurring as soon as the corresponding content of consciousness is activated.

It should be remembered that a complete and permanent opening of the chakras is synonymous with a complete spiritual-spiritual healing and a deep energetic and spiritual transformation! This is probably not to be accomplished only by finger positions – and even if they are executed so dedicated.

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Energy work to open the chakras

One of the main effects of energetic work with the chakras is a mental-spiritual “memory,” or better, resonance with the healed original state. During many forms of meditation and energy work, a temporary harmonization of the chakras can be achieved – the system “remembers” its true divine state and thus initiates a self-healing process.

In many cases, the energetic system has become so used to its tense state that it can no longer perceive it, so that this contrast is urgently needed as a healing impulse.

Consciousness content and chakras

In order to understand how consciousness work can help open the chakras, let us briefly examine the subtle connections.

In the understanding of the , the bulk of our consciousness

Conversely, physical-spiritual experiences have an influence on the subtle realms – even up to the soul. Particularly intense experiences, both positive and negative, leave a strong energetic impression, which is called Samskara in the yogic tradition.

Such an energetic impression in our energy field now leads to different effects in all levels below it – one of them is an impairment of the coherent chakra, another of the development of different behavioral and mental ways on the physical-spiritual level.

Thus, the samskara of a birth trauma can lead to a spasmodically locked root chakra, thereby becoming a general perceptual filter that makes physical existence painful and unsafe, and thereby a whole range of disturbed behaviors that result from this worldview.

Both the behavior and the disorder of the root chakra can only be healed sustainably if the experience of the Samskara is consciously processed. A conscious remembering of the original situation is not necessary for this, of course.

The chakras provide the most energetic direct access to the deepest content of consciousness. The Samskaras form as energetic tension in the chakras and by feeling these tensions, one often gets quickly and directly to the deeper causes and is able to heal them.

Holistic approach to opening the chakras

Chakras are therefore blocked or “closed” (in fact, they are never really closed) because they are affected by mental and spiritual issues.

Our approach to opening the chakras therefore has two main aspects:

  1. Mental and spiritual healing work on our personal issues (blockages, traumas, beliefs and work with karma)
  2. Energizing and supporting the chakras

In the light of this understanding, the potential uses and limitations of various chakra opening techniques should be easier to recognize and assess: a pure energizing of the chakras does not automatically eliminate the causes of a blockade, but a purely therapeutic work in the sense of psychotherapy intervenes in the Working with the energetic system of the chakras may also be too short.

An individual healing path

It is a very individual matter how the individual man goes about his personal healing path and which techniques he or she finds most helpful. However, there are many methods that have been tried and tested many times and are found to be very useful by most people.

Probably the most underestimated aspect of working with the chakras, however, is probably the confrontation with the challenges of everyday life: here we are usually confronted directly with our topics and a salutary examination of the feelings and emotions of our daily lives often provide the important clues and keys to a deeper energetic transformation.

Five points to open the chakras

We therefore recommend the following approach:

1. Finding out which chakras are currently the main topics
For example through: Chakra basic meditation, topics of daily life, physical tension and discomfort, self-analysis based on the chakra themes.
Goal: Understanding of the current state, meaningful design of the further healing path.

2. Observing these chakra themes in daily life
For example by: feeling of tension / fears in certain situations, observation of thoughts and feelings, conscious involvement in feelings.
Objective: To come into contact with unconscious emotions, fears, traumas, wounds, behaviors and beliefs.

3. Chakra meditations and chakra energy work
For example through: basic chakra meditation, chakra meditations, chakra balancing, pranayama
Goal: to build an intimate relationship with the affected chakras, energetic support of the chakras,

4. Suitable body work
For example through: yoga, tai chi, dance, fitness, massages, body therapy, respiratory therapy.
Objective: to support healing from the physical level, to become aware and to dissolve physical blockages.

5. Support at the vibration level
For example, by singing bowls, colors, Objective: Subtle support for stabilization and excitation according to the resonance principle.

Systematic Way of Spiritual Evolution

Working with the chakras is not just a quick and systematic way of spiritual evolution. At the same time, the understanding of the chakras also provides a map of the qualities of a healer, expressed in the spiritual themes of the chakras and thus a deeper understanding of ourselves in a very practical way. Above all, the opening of the chakras is a practical, experience-based path that can quickly lead to clearly recognizable inner and outer progress.

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