Osho Dynamic Meditation Techniques

Some of the most powerful meditation techniques today – this dynamic meditation Osho. They belong to the Indian master Osho Rajneesh, the creator of a new system of sannyasa.

Appointment of Dynamic Meditation

Osho Dynamic meditation focused on purifying the powerless from the shackles and repressed emotions that hide it. This cumulative debris from childhood, and if it has not been cleaned regularly, it comes out in the form of this or that disease, which makes it difficult to live healthily. That’s why meditation Osho – this is a very good way to overcome the internal barriers and to live life to the fullest.

Duration dynamic meditation is one hour and consists of five consecutive parts. In principle, this Osho meditation can be done at home by yourself, but the group practice gives a slightly stronger result.

But even if you meditate with someone, it is still just your own experience, so close your eyes and do not open your entire practice to distract anyone. Especially bandage can be used for this purpose.

As with other conditions, it is advisable to meditate on an empty stomach. It is also recommended for the convenience of free exercise wear, clothing does not restrict movement.

Osho Dynamic Meditation Techniques Meditation  Osho Dynamic Meditation osho meditation

First part: Breath

The first part of Osho Meditation lasts ten minutes. At this point, I have to breathe through my nose in a chaotic rhythm and concentrate on exhaling. When inhaling, the body takes itself. The air must penetrate as deeply as possible into the lungs. To be maximized at the same respiratory rate. You need to breathe as fast as you can afford, but without neglecting the depth of inspiration. Use all your resources to help release energy. You can move if you help it to accelerate or deepen the breath. After all, you should feel the energy rising in you. At this point, it is important to recognize and control her without having to go ahead of time.

Osho Dynamic Meditation Techniques Meditation  Osho Dynamic Meditation osho meditation

Second part: Catharsis

The second part of Osho Meditation lasts for ten minutes. At this point, you have to “explode” – throwing everything that has escaped. Do not be afraid to sound crazy, do not limit yourself. Doing everything he wants: singing, screaming, stomping, dancing, screaming, crying, bursting out laughing, etc. This is the technique of meditation, Osho – a conversation with body language on emotions. Here it is very important to be rationalized, not to set internal barriers yourself and not self-limiting. You just have to surrender to the flow of your energy, its flow and do something that naturally arises. Most importantly – do not analyze! critical activity at this moment against it is absolutely inappropriate.

Osho Dynamic Meditation Techniques Meditation  Osho Dynamic Meditation osho meditation

Part three: XY

The third stage, like the first two, will continue for 10 minutes. During her need to jump constantly, syllable mantra constantly screaming “Hu”. Hands at the same time should be raised, and the sounds – the deepest.

Every time you jump, you have to fall completely on the entire foot, and at the same time feel as the sound penetrates into the sexual centre of the body. Again, it is necessary to use all the resources of the body and to give the soul, all the energy, everything one hundred per cent. Only in this case, the Kundalini is awakened. Osho Meditation works on the principle of direct proportionality. That means you get powers and energy with the same effect as you spend.

Osho Dynamic Meditation Techniques Meditation  Osho Dynamic Meditation osho meditation

Fourth Part: Stop

The fourth stage lasts about 15 minutes. Once it starts, you have to stop. Freezing in this place and in that position where he found you. Posture should not be changed, because otherwise, it will disrupt energy flow. You can not even cough, etc. It’s like a breeze with the ocean waves, in which it was necessary to freeze after the words like a statue “Naval figure, standstill.” All these 15 minutes you have only one thing – to yourself to watch for yourself. You can not be distracted by a thought. Just be aware of yourself and the clock.

Osho Dynamic Meditation Techniques Meditation  Osho Dynamic Meditation osho meditation

Fifth Part: Dance

The last step of meditation is to dance. But it should not just be a dance. At this point, you should feel the limitless joy and happiness, and the dancing, the joy of gratitude to the entire universe shows.

So I recommended doing this practice Osho. Meditation techniques, they described, are different. There are over a hundred, but it is dynamic meditation has been the most popular among its followers. Now, the technique is described below, we will explain a little more inner nature of this strong transformation of the system.

What is a Dynamic Meditation?

First, as he said, the evening meditation, Osho, spends dynamic experience – a process of creating a situation that could take place of deep meditation due to the strain exerted by a person. The working principle is that when the maximum load on the body and mind, then you are no longer anything left to do, but how to relax. In normal operation it is difficult to do so it is often so complex meditation. But when a man is all edge, it automatically falls into the desired meditative state.

It is the goal of the first three parts of meditation. They prepare a person who is at the level of the physical, etheric and burdening astral body. Deep breathing leads to a rearrangement of the physical body due to an abrupt change mode providing oxygen. This, in turn, inevitably leads to alter the etheric body. For this purpose, the first ten minutes of deep breathing is fast.

Osho Dynamic Meditation Techniques Meditation  Osho Dynamic Meditation osho meditation

About The First Part

It has to be fast and deep, since at this rate it acts like a hammer, tapping on the etheric body, its dormant and energy awakens. Therefore, the first step is to completely concentrate, which completely renounce him. Nothing but breathing, should not exist for you. You should be breathing.

On The Second Part

The second step begins when the energy begins to boil in you. Typically, ten minutes of the first stage is enough. Now within you a powerful spider vortex, and your job – to release him into the wild along with your body. It should be able to do what it wants. In any case, it should not be an obstacle for her by hand. No shame or embarrassment strictly is forbidden. However, it’s not just mindless antics. In fact, at this time you have to fulfil an important task – to communicate with your body. You have to feel it and let it express in character movements that she wants you to hear. Devotion to the will of bodily impulses must be aware of this in order to hear it in its language.

And do not forget that everything is done at the highest level of return. Nothing in dynamic meditation does happen halfway through. If you do not give your body completely, you will nullify the effect of the entire practice. In short, in the second stage, you have to be a body as well as breathing in the first phase.

The result of the second stage should be involuntary condition observers. This is a catharsis. It does not need to reach, on the other hand, you have to fully identify with his body. But when you shell out a hundred per cent, you will inevitably come to a time when you feel that the body – it is something separate and independent. At this point, and the third stage of practice, when it is necessary to start jumping and screaming say “Hu”. Osho borrowed from Sufism. The essence of the third stage of this energy is now beginning to move in the other direction. When directed primarily outward and downward, the third stage begins to flow inward and upward. Scanned the mantra provides this diversion and so it requires constant and full of power to scream, beating his inner sound. Still, you need to merge with your action, which is a sound to become like before you were a body and breath. It is necessary to exhaustion, to reach the point of extreme tension, could pass the next, fourth stage, in which they are only required to freeze and observe.

At this point, it’s just your consciousness and nothing more. This condition occurs spontaneously, you do not need to try to achieve it. Important in the third part – it does not lose its random motion or a sudden came up with the idea. The fourth stage – that is what is being done in the interest of dynamic meditation. The last three steps are preparatory steps for her. If it happens, everything has to go.

Final Tips

I had a very high opinion of the Osho Dynamic Meditation. Reviews of his students and those who today continue this practise as evidence of his extreme ability. In large cities, it is regularly conducted in specialized centres with a multitude of people. But if you are not near a group of practitioners, it is not scary: it is possible and independent to engage in this technique. As advised by Osho, morning meditation is most effective. This is true for dynamic meditation. Therefore, maximizing the effect is better to get up early.

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