Prana: Healing And Growth Through The Flow of Life Energy

Prana: Healing And Growth Through The Flow of Life Energy, Prana is the energy that invigorates all forms of life and it is an important foundation when it comes to the holistic healing of our system. In this post you will learn more about the basic mode of action of the prana flow and how a lack of prana can be expressed. In addition, you will learn a method to cleanse your Pranic flow and thereby provide healing in your system.

What is Prana?

When we speak of prana, it means the all-pervading energy that makes life in the world possible in the first place. Without the influence of prana, there would be no living form in the universe!

The forces of nature, such as electricity, heat, light and magnetism, are also an expression of the all-pervading life energy. It is also the power that works behind our sense organs and our actions. Even our internal organs can only do their work through the energy of prana. It is also the reason why our lungs make the breathing movement and that our heart beats!

Even our intellect can only work through the action of the prana. If there were no Prana, all the processes described would not work, like machines without fuel!

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Where does the life energy come from?

The prana is fed by the sun into the respective solar system. However, the sun is not the producer of prana. The entire prana, which works in this universe comes from one and the same source.
This source is the goal, the spiritual process – the original self! The prana is taken over food, water, sunlight and the breath.

Lack of prana = lack of vitality
If the level of pranangium in our system is too low, or if it can not flow properly due to deposits in the energetic system, various effects can occur:

Fatigue and depression: If the amount of prana in the energy body is too low, it usually results in a feeling of weakness and fatigue. In more severe cases, this may even lead to negative thought patterns. In such cases, stimulant drinks and antidepressants can at best hide symptoms, but can not provide a real cure!
Problems at the physical / organic level: A shortage of life energy can ultimately affect your organs. Again, attempts to induce healing from the outside usually fail because they do not care about the underlying problem.
In general it can be said that a large part of the human symptoms come from the lack of life energy!

This lack arises mainly through the lifestyle of our modern society. However, there are simple ways in which you can increase your prane level already in everyday life.

Increase the prana level

To strengthen the prana in your own system and thereby increase your quality of life, there are various possibilities.

Here are some ways you can positively influence your pranelevel in daily life:

Nutrition: Most foods that are offered in our modern society hardly contain any more energy. Ready-to-eat foods, artificial foods, and meats are examples of how our prana levels can be weakened by the foods we eat. Foods that contain a lot of prana are e.g. fresh fruits and vegetables. Water also has a positive impact on energy levels, while artificial drinks are detrimental. If you want to know more about the topic, read the article: “Spiritual nutrition: these 7 foods should be avoided!”

Sunlight and Fresh Air: Direct sun contact, exercise, and fresh air have a beneficial effect on your energy levels, so you should get out regularly. But be careful not to give your body too much heat!

Positive Thoughts: It’s not just that a low praneptic level can lead to depression, but also that depressive and negative thoughts lower prenatal levels. As you learn to control your thoughts, it will also bring benefits to your prana level.
Alone, as you experiment with these ideas, you will already notice how your overall condition improves.

If you are interested in growing spiritually, or you are seeking healing for deeper-seated problems, there are additional methods for doing so.

Spiritual growth and healing through the Pranic River

The methods described above affect the prana indirectly. However, the prana flow in our energy body can also be addressed directly – via our breath. This gives us the opportunity to get rid of blockages from our energy body, which may be responsible for many ailments. It is also an important step in the spiritual path to remove these deposits from the system!

Here’s a way to start cleaning your energy body:

Do this exercise on an empty stomach, preferably in the morning, or before dinner, and make sure you wear loose clothing as much as possible.
Take about twice as long to breathe out as you inhale. (eg: inhale for 4 seconds and exhale for 8 seconds)
Make sure you keep your breathing with your attention, even when thoughts come up.

Sit upright, e.g. in the heel-seat, cross-legged, or if you are agile enough in half lotus position or whole lotus position. (If you can not stay in one of these positions for a long time, you can sit on a chair.)
Close your eyes and relax your shoulders. Drop it slightly backwards and downwards and feel a pull at the back of the head, through which the cervical spine continues to rise.
Breathe through the nose deep and slowly in the stomach and feel how the belly lifts.
Once the abdominal cavity is filled, feel the chest lift.
Once the chest area is filled, feel the shoulders lift.
Pause for a moment.
Next, breathe out through the nose by first relaxing the shoulders, then the chest area and finally the belly.
Finally, pull the navel slightly towards the spine to really breath.
Make 10-20 rounds of this breathing daily, and you will soon notice how your energy body begins to purify.

Ideally, you should first do some asanas (physical exercises) to really prepare the body. Here I can especially recommend the 5 Tibetans to start with!

Incidentally, in the Conscious World Newsletter you also receive an effective meditation instruction as a welcome gift, which you can do wonderfully after the breathing exercise!


The Pranic River is our tool to balance our minds and our energies, which is one of the most important foundations for the spiritual process. In addition, we can thereby experience healing at all levels of our existence.

That you discover this wonderful tool for you!

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