Reiki story and legend

Reiki story and legend

The actual origin of Usui’s Reiki system is unclear, but few independent documents exist about the origins and influences. However, there are superficial similarities to Chinese Taoism and Buddhist philosophies in the form and name of Reiki symbols.

* As the three Daseinsmerkmale (ti-lakkhana, Pali; tri-laksana, Sanskrit) are designated in Buddhism (especially in Theravada) the features that live all physical and mental phenomena of existence.

These include:

** Dukkha – Everything is associated with suffering and dissatisfaction

*** Anicca – Nothing is eternal, everything is subject to change.

**** Anatta – There is no separate ego and no eternal soul. Even the things and phenomena are without real essence.

Whether Reiki is received entirely spiritually, rediscovered or put together from different origins by Usui and his followers can only be surmised because of the lack of documentation.

The history of Reiki is full of legends. Not least because it was passed on for a long time only in oral form by the teacher to the student. Thus, the situation arises that although the Usui system of Reiki is only about 80 years old, the beginnings of this healing method are still in the dark. However, what we do know is how Reiki has spread worldwide and what forms it has taken over time.

Basically, there are two big stories that are told in seminars. One is the traditional legend, as she told Ms. Takata *****. The second is based on the actual course of events and goes back to the research of Frank Arjava Petter, who wanted to be the first to understand the legend of Takata historically.

***** Hawayo Takata (1900-1980) was a Reiki master and spread this teaching in the USA.

He realized that there were a few inaccuracies in Takata’s legend or incomprehensible facts. Meanwhile, other people have tried to find out more about the development of Reiki, and their knowledge flows into the article “The History of Reiki”.

Here we will introduce both the historical version and the legend of Reiki, as the legend is also very valuable. The legend can be understood as a story that can pass certain philosophies or ways of thinking to the student in a simple, entertaining way.

“Happiness: the state of still-laughing oneness with the world.”

Quote: Hermann Hesse

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