Reiki symbols – power symbols

Reiki symbols – power symbols

Many masters and users consider the Reiki symbols as sacred and insist on the tradition of keeping the Reiki symbols secret. The Reiki symbols should only be for Reiki users who have received the second Reiki initiation. We decided to publish on our homepage, as they have been presented and described for a long time in many books and websites. The fear that they could be abused by uninitiated, is unfounded, since they develop their power only for the initiated.

The Reiki symbols and the information about them are of no value to the uninitiated. In different tests, it has been proven that the Reiki symbols have little or no value if you were not initiated into them. The Reiki symbols have been revealed and revealed to people without Reiki experience and initiation. They were asked to remember them and then use them. A control group was also asked to use the Reiki symbols known to them through their ordination. The result clearly showed that the Reiki symbols only reveal themselves through initiation, their power and energy to us humans.

The Reiki symbols are like a key that opens the doors to a higher mind. You can also understand them like a switch. If you press this switch, a program is automatically started, which allows many sub-steps to run automatically. The Reiki symbols trigger an action, an intention, and help us achieve the desired result faster. They connect the user quickly with the universal life energy and thus with the Reiki power.

Today, there are many forms of Reiki and some have their own symbols. In traditional Reiki there are four Reiki symbols, three are taught in the course of the initiation into the second degree and the master symbol is passed on in the third consecration.

The symbols are based in part on the Japanese font system “Kanji”. They are to be drawn and reproduced as they were received by his master in the second and third initiation. There may be deviations of the signs. These were created over time by the passing on by different masters. However, these avoidance calibrations are no problem for the Reiki symbols and their power and effect, as there is no 100% correct or incorrect spelling. So do not be discouraged and unsettled once you see Reiki symbols that deviate from your consecrated ones.

Reiki symbols - power symbols Reiki  symbols Reiki symbols - power symbols reiki

You have learned other Reiki symbols than the ones pictured here?

It is quite possible that the symbols you learned looked different, but the Reiki mantras behind them were certainly the same. The symbols even differ in part from school to school. But that does not mean that one symbol is right and the other is wrong. All symbols are correct and work, because the most important of these are the powerful mantras that represent the symbols of Reiki.

“Caution and mistrust are good things, but care and mistrust are necessary to them.”

Quote: Christian Morgenstern


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