In the book Singing Bowls, Cymbals and Bells”, Eva Rudy Jansen discusses the phenomenon of sound and its effect in a brief and illuminating way:

If you place two pendulum clocks next to each other that swing differently, they adapt to each other over a certain period of time so that they swing in the same rhythm. It is a common phenomenon that friends or sisters who live in the same house adjust over time in their menstrual cycle. From these and other examples it can be seen that similar vibrations in space tend to synchronize with one another.

Vibrations spread like waves. There is no better medium for waves to guide than water. Humans are made up of over 80% water. This makes it a very suitable medium for wave propagation. If a singing bowl is struck, you can not only hear it, the whole body experiences a wave or oscillation bath. Every cell in the body is stimulated by the sound waves.

The human body can be viewed as the sum of numerous vibrations emanating from the organs, muscles and nerves. A healthy organ is attuned to the entire organism, it vibrates harmoniously with it. If it falls ill, the vibration pattern changes and disharmony arises.

Chakra blockages in humans are nothing else. And this is where the effect of the singing bowls comes into play. Depending on the chakra level on which the blockages occur, the organs belonging to them are influenced, which can no longer vibrate harmoniously.

When the singing bowls or planetary clay bowls are struck, they evoke memories of original, harmonic frequencies in our bodies. The singing bowls work in such a way that the body is stimulated to first resonate with the bowl frequency and then to find its way back into the original pattern of harmonic oscillation. In this way the chakras are healed and immersion into original states of consciousness can take place.

If you are fascinated by a particular tone, you will find that this tone is related to one or more of your chakras , whose elevated or liberated vibrations are very good for you.
For every singing bowl on our website you will find a recorded spectrogram, from which you can see the effect of the singing bowl on our chakra system:

We have listed the chakras with which the individual tones interact according to the law of octaves . For example, if you are looking for a singing bowl that is primarily intended to work with the root chakra, you only have to make sure that the most intense tones from the spectrogram are assigned to the root chakra.

The following text is a short summary of the functioning and blocked seven main chakras. I mainly quote from the three very recommendable books:

  • Shalila Sharamon and Bodo J. Baginski “The Chakra Manual”.
  • Barbara Ann Brennan “Light Work”.
  • Horst Krohne “The School of Spiritual Healing”.

  • SINGING BOWLS THEIR EFFECT ON THE CHAKRAS The 7 main chakras  yoga singing bowls meditation main chakras chakras chakra  The first chakra: Muladhara chakra or root chakra) is located between the anus and genitals. It is connected to the tailbone and opens downwards. It decides the quality of the available physical energy and the will to live in physical reality. When the root chakra is open and functions harmoniously, we experience a deep, personal connection with the earth and its creatures, unclouded life force, a grounding in the body and in life, contentment, stability and inner strength. It is easy for us to achieve goals in the world, our life is supported by an unshakable basic trust.

With a one-sided emphasis or malfunction of the root chakra Our thinking and acting primarily revolves around material possessions and security, as well as sensual stimuli, lust and enjoyment, such as good food, alcohol, sex, etc. We want to absorb what we desire without thinking about the associated effects. At the same time, it can be difficult for us to give and receive openly. We have a tendency to protect ourselves and to set ourselves apart. The “not being able to let go” and “wanting to hold” is often expressed on the physical level in the form of constipation and obesity. When our fixations are challenged by circumstances or by other people, we are easily irritated or angry, and in extreme situations also angry and aggressive. The violent enforcement of one’s own wishes and ideas also falls into the realm of a disturbed one Root chakras .

With a blocked or closed first chakra , our physical constitution is quite weak and we have little physical and mental resistance. Many things in life worry us and feelings of insecurity are among our daily companions. Life on earth appears to us to be a burden. We long for a life that is easier, more enjoyable, and less demanding. We are not there right!

SINGING BOWLS THEIR EFFECT ON THE CHAKRAS The 7 main chakras  yoga singing bowls meditation main chakras chakras chakra

The second chakra (Swadhistana chakra, sacral chakra or navel chakra) is located above the genitals and is connected to the sacrum. It unfolds its effect as a center of original, unfiltered emotions, sexual energies and creative powers.

The harmonious function shows itself in a natural flow with life and feelings. We are open and natural towards other people and especially towards the opposite sex. We feel the flow of life flowing through our body, soul and spirit. We take part in the deep joy of creation and life fills us again and again with astonishment and enthusiasm.

malfunction of the sacral chakra often has its origin in puberty. The awakening sexual forces cause uncertainty in their effect, since parents and educators are seldom able to convey the correct handling of these energies. Often there was a lack of tenderness and physical closeness even in early childhood.

This can lead to a negation and rejection of sexuality, as a result of which the uninhibited expression of this creative potential is lost and the energy of the sacral chakra expresses itself in an unsuitable way. This often takes the form of exaggerated sexual fantasies or a suppressed instinctuality that breaks out from time to time.

Another out-of-action is that we use sexuality like a drug. Here, too, their creative potential is not recognized and misdirected. In both cases, insecurities and tensions arise with respect to the opposite sex. With the loss of impartiality and innocence in dealing with sexual energies, we also lose the openness for the expression of these energies in creation and with it the childlike amazement at the wonders of life.

Under function of the sacral chakra arises when the sexual chakra energy is completely blocked. This leads to a lack of self-esteem, freezing of emotions and sexual coldness. Life seems dreary to us and not worth living in.

SINGING BOWLS THEIR EFFECT ON THE CHAKRAS The 7 main chakras  yoga singing bowls meditation main chakras chakras chakra

The third chakra: Manipura chakra or solar plexus chakra.

Is about two fingers wide above the navel. Here we take in the energy of the sun, which in its effect nourishes our ethereal body and thus also gives the physical body vitality and maintains it. It is the seat of our personality. It is the place where we find our social identification and try to confirm it through personal strength, motivation and striving for power or by adapting to social norms. An important task of this chakra energy is to manifest the urges and desires of the lower chakras in the material world in order to find the greatest possible effect and fulfillment.

The affirmation and meaningful integration of feelings and desires as well as our life experiences lead to the third chakra relaxes and opens, whereby the light in us increases more and more and our life and our world increasingly illuminates. With the solar plexus chakra we also perceive the vibrations of other people directly and then react accordingly to this vibration quality. When we are confronted with negative vibrations, we often feel an impending danger.

We recognize it from the fact that the chakra energy of the solar plexus involuntarily contracts, a temporary protective mechanism. However, it becomes superfluous when the light in us has become so strong that it radiates powerfully outwards and surrounds our body like a protective cover.

When the energy of the chakras works harmoniously, it gives us a feeling of peace, inner harmony with ourselves. We can accept ourselves in our whole being and are also able to accept the feelings and idiosyncrasies of other people. We have the ability to accept feelings, wishes and life experiences, to recognize their task for our development, to see them “in the right light” and to integrate them into our personality in such a way that they lead us to a holistic approach.

We are full of light and power. The brightness within us also surrounds our bodies. It protects us from negative vibrations and has an effective effect on our surroundings. In connection with an open forehead and crown chakra we recognize that everything visible consists of different vibrations of light.

Our wishes come true spontaneously, because we are so closely connected to the power of light in all things that we attract what we want like a magnet.
This is how we realize in our lives that abundance is our birthright and our divine inheritance.

In the event of a malfunction of the third chakra we want to influence everything in our sense, control our inner and outer world. We lack serenity and find it difficult to let go and relax. With a primary focus on gaining recognition and external wealth, we may even be quite successful. The attitude that everything is doable means that “annoying” and “undesirable” feelings are controlled and their effects are suppressed. As a result, our emotions are blocked.

From time to time, however, they break through this wall of defense and control and flood us, without our being able to steer them in the right direction. We also easily get out of our skin and our irritability expresses a lot of that anger that we have swallowed over time, without processing it. Ultimately, we must find that the mere pursuit of external wealth and recognition cannot give us lasting satisfaction.

If this chakra energy does not function properly , we often feel depressed and discouraged. Everywhere we see obstacles that effectively prevent our wishes from being fulfilled. The free development of our personality was probably severely hindered as a child. For fear of losing the approval of our parents or educators, we almost completely withheld the expression of our feelings and ate a lot into ourselves that we could not digest.

So “emotional slags” have formed, which dampen the firepower of the solar plexus chakra and take away the strength and spontaneity of our desires. Even today we try to gain recognition through adaptation, which leads to a defense and a lack of integration of vital desires and emotions. In difficult situations we get a queasy feeling in the stomach or we get so nervous that our actions become erratic and uncoordinated.
we would like to close ourselves off from new challenges. Unfamiliar experiences have the effect of frightening us, and we don’t really feel up to the so-called struggle for life.


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