The Assignment Of Planets To The Chakras

The number 12 is a number that keeps popping up. Consists of 3 x 4. The three stands for “certainly, certainly” and the four stands for “in all directions” or the “whole country – whole world”. So also for the 12 tribes of Israel the descendants of Jacob, because they should fill the whole world. The 12 apostles of Jesus , there are the twelve signs of the zodiac, twelve astrological houses, and months of the year. Twelve hours of the day and night.

 22: 1 And he showed me a river, the water of life, clear as crystal; he proceeds from the throne of God and the Lamb.
22: 2 Between the street of the city and the river, on both sides, there are trees of life. They bear fruit twelve times, once a month; and the leaves of the trees serve to heal the peoples).

But it is also the number of repentance and cosmic order.

The Assignment Of Planets To The Chakras Astrology And The Chakras  planet chakra astrology and chakras

In addition to our known 7 main chakras, we also have 5 transpersonal chakras, i.e. a total of 12. If the strictly scientific definition of planet is not taken into account, we know 11 planets (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, moon and the sun ) and already the Incas and Mayas started from 12 planets in our solar system.

Every planet within a solar system – or rather a galaxy – embodies a chakra. A group of galaxies within a space quadrant comprises 12 galaxies and here too each galaxy embodies a chakra. Each planet in turn has 12 chakras or main sources of power.

Thus the person – with his 12 chakras – stands at the end of the chain but is connected and in contact with EVERYTHING.

The parallel that we made with the chakras can also be continued with the meridians – the subtle body comprises 12 main meridians and the earth is also crossed by “meridians” on these “places of power” were built such as worldwide pyramids, Stonehenge, Mecca, megalithic structures , the Externsteine ​​or some church buildings.

In this overall chain we miss the 12 th planet in our solar system – assuming the 11 planets listed above as a basis. It could be a planet called Nibiru, it passes by us every approx. 3650 years. Planets only become “visible” to us when we have reached the appropriate consciousness, which would explain why this planet was acted as a mystery.

The Assignment Of Planets To The Chakras Astrology And The Chakras  planet chakra astrology and chakras

Now to the actual assignment of the planets to the chakras

An assignment is not easy, since the human being is penetrated by the planetary rays in multiple ways. Each planet has an effect on body, soul and spirit, ie different planets can have an effect on the gross as well as the subtle body within a chakra. In addition, the allocation of the planets to the chakras can change with the progressive awareness of the human being, since the aspects of the planets have to be reintegrated into the newly reached level of consciousness. In the literature there are just too innumerable possible assignments.

Therefore a small selection is given here (with the focus on the spirit aspect).

Already in 1696 Johann Georg Gichtel (student of Jakob Böhm) wrote the book “The three principles and worlds in humans” and brought the chakras in connection with astrology. It is about the assignment of a “completely earthly, natural, dark person” (Negredo – individuation, purification, burning out of impurity).

7. th crown chakraSaturn
6. Forehead chakraJupiter
5. th throat chakraMars
4. th heart chakraSun
3. Solar plexus chakraVenus
2. Sacral chakraMercury
1. Root ChakraMoon

In his book “Das Initaten-consciousness” (1924), Rudolf Steiner points out the connection between metals and the chakras:

7. th crown chakralead
6. Forehead chakratin
5. th throat chakrairon
4. th heart chakragold
3. Solar plexus chakracopper
2. Sacral chakramercury
1. Root Chakrasilver

These are the planetary metals they reflect the characteristic properties of the respective planetary deity, for example iron (weapons) for the god of war Mars or the warm reddish tinted copper for the goddess of love and beauty Venus.

The alchemists start from the three development phases Nigredo, Albedo (spiritualization, enlightenment) and Rubedo (union of man with God) and assign the respective planets to the chakras according to the following table:


7. th crown chakraSaturnSaturnSunSaturn
6. Forehead chakraJupitermoonVenusVenus
5. th throat chakraMarsJupiterMarsJupiter
4. th heart chakraSunMercuryMercuryMercury
3. th Solar plexus chakraVenusMarsJupiterMars
2. th Sacral chakraMercuryVenusmoonmoon  Root ChakramoonSunSaturnSun


The Assignment Of Planets To The Chakras Astrology And The Chakras  planet chakra astrology and chakras

The chakra assignment in the Rubedo development phase corresponds to the planets and days of the week. This assignment corresponds exactly to the same as in Indian Ayurveda.

The first day of the week was for the sun, hence Sunday.

The 2 nd day of the week was for the moon, hence Monday.

The 3 rd day was for Mars, which corresponds to the Germanic god Tyr, from which Tuesday or English Tuesday or the French Mardi is derived.

The 4 th day was for the god Mercury, the English. Wednesday goes back to the Germanic god Wotan, which is equated with Mercury. The French Mercredi also takes action here, whereas the German Wednesday is only derived from the middle of the week.

The 5 th day was dedicated to the Roman god Jupiter, who was equated with the Germanic god Donar (Thor). Here, too, the derivation from the French Jeudi.

The 6 th day is dedicated to the goddess Freia (Frigg), the goddess of spring, beauty and love. With the derivation to Friday.

The 7 th day goes back to Saturn (Saturday), the French to Samedi.

However, it is highly unlikely that a person has 12 chakras active, ie the 5 transpersonal chakras, i.e. the chakras above the crown chakra, are only one octave higher in relation to the lower chakras.

The same applies to the last discovered planets Uranus (1781), Neptune (1846) and Pluto (1930).

These three planets reinforce the three planets near the Sun in their higher vibrating parts. Thus Uranus would be seen as the higher octave of Mercury, Neptune of Venus and Pluto of Mars octave.



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