The chakras, Energy channels through our body

What are the chakras?

The chakras, Energy channels through our body.

The chakras are subtle energy vortexes inside and outside the body. Organically, just as little as the soul is present, they nevertheless have their place in various spiritual areas, such as yoga, meditation, tantra, Reiki, and in healing systems such as TCM, Ayurveda etc. for millennia. Even in very Western body therapies such as bioenergetics and the Alexander Technique they appear again and again.

The knowledge of the chakras, like all other fundamental energetic concepts, has its origins in the writings of the “Golden Age”, the Vedic * scriptures and the Upanishads **.

* Vedic is an Indo-European language and predecessor of Sanskrit

** The Upanishads are a collection of philosophical writings of Brahmanism and are part of the Veda (Sanskrit: knowledge).

This knowledge of the chakras has been preserved and transmitted in different ways in different cultures. From India and Tibet, for example, different approaches are known that emerged before the historical, cultural and religious background of these peoples. The Tibetans are said to have the deepest knowledge of the chakras and teach it. The problem here is that this knowledge is only passed on orally and in the original language.

In Europe, with the Christianization, the traditional knowledge of chakras was lost. In the last centuries of Celtic culture, personalities such as Johann Wolfgang von Goethe * and Rudolf Steiner ** revisited the topic of chakras and revitalized it. Meanwhile, one can inform about chakras in books, seminars and courses.

* Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749 – 1832) was a poet, theater director, scientist, and art theorist

** Rudolf Steiner (1861 – 1925) was an Austrian philosopher, pedagogue, scientist and esotericist.He founded anthroposophy.

Many speculations surround the old knowledge of the existence and effects of the energy centers (chakras) in the human body. The fact is, every human being has his own energy system. One component of this energy system is the chakras.

Chakra (a term derived from Sanskrit, literal translation of wheel, discus, circle) is used in Tantric Hinduism, Tantric Buddhist Vajrayana, Yoga, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and in some esoteric teachings, the liaison between the two Body and the astral body of man called. Ancient Indian and Tibetan texts speak of 72,000 to 350,000 such energy centers.

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Energy channels through our body

Seven of the chakras are considered to be the main energy centers of the human and are located along the spine or vertical central axis of the body. These joints, one imagines as funnel-shaped, protruding several centimeters above the surface of the body. The chakras are not visible. Therefore, the recognition of their importance has taken a while. In the meantime, however, they have a firm place in many systems, especially if they are of Eastern origin.

The chakras can be thought of as vortexes of energy, fulfilling the task of absorbing energy from outside and supplying it to the human energy system. They serve as a receiving station, transformer and distributor of the most diverse forms of energy. The chakras are able to absorb life energies from the subtle body of man, nature and the environment. This is then transformed so that the physical body can evolve.

This can then be perceived by humans, among other things, as thoughts, feelings or physical sensations. As already mentioned, in humans, an energy line runs along the spine, which distributes the energy supplied by the chakras in the organism.

Along the spine, the chakras are connected. Each chakra provides energy to a specific area of ​​the body. Via channels, these connection lines are made. Depending on the state of development and consciousness, these channels are designed differently. The nature of these channels determines how much life energy can flow into our body. The more energy flows in us, the fresher and more alive we feel. However, these channels can be blocked by traumatic events or other situations. The result is that certain areas of our energy system suffer from a shortage.

Without the function of the chakras, our energy balance would be disturbed in the individual body regions and would no longer be viable in a complete task of the energy centers. For example, in the case of demise, the following happens: The physical body continues to lower its energy level. However, the chakras are still effective. There is a moment when the energy level turns. It is the moment when the body finally receives the command of demise.

This command is sent by a pulse in the brain. At the moment of this command, the chakras are separated from the physical body as if they were being cut. They interrupt the flow of energy and waste away. They have fulfilled their mediating function and are no longer needed for the existence of the subtle bodies, which then re-form according to the consciousness of the deceased. The situation is similar at birth. In the beginning, this is a single connection that is activated at the moment of the first cell division.

One big chakra, so to speak, which completely envelops the fetus in the womb. The center of this chakra is in the heart. In the course of pregnancy, this center enlarges and the other centers are formed. The basis for this is formed by seven main centers, which according to tradition have different names.

Over the first seven years, they activate another chakra every year. This does not mean that the other chakras are not active. It has something to do with her consciousness development. So they go through the chakras from the bottom up in the seven years, with always one in particular focus.

Each of the seven main chakras represents a specific area of ​​life. When all the chakras are working properly and smoothly, we feel healthy and satisfied. It is important that the chakras are in harmonic relationship to each other. All chakras should be equally wide open. If not, under or over functions occur, which are always disturbing or unpleasant. Here a chakra work is an important process.

The aura and the chakras are the material reflection of our consciousness or unconsciousness. We have the opportunity to work from both sides and bring about change. Chakra work, supports our learning processes and the subsequent process of becoming aware.

The arc of light Archangel, Ascended Master Angel symbol talismans are great for chakras and aura work. They are already being used by many energy workers. The main focus is on the personality work and development. For if personality structures change then that also affects the flow of energy and thus affects all chakras.

As described, there are seven main chakras, as well as minor chakras. These will be described on the following pages.

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