The Reiki rules of life

The Reiki rules of life

Usui realized he could heal the body of disease symptoms, but for a proper cure, the mind and soul of people would have to be healed. This led him to set up the Reiki rules of life.

An important aspect of Reiki is the knowledge of the Reiki rules of life. These rules of life should serve as a guide for our path.

Dr. Usui cured many people of their suffering. All young and strong people, he sent from the slum to seek work. However, when they came back after a few years to be healed again, he asked why they came back. He learned that they had not changed their lives, as it was easier to go on living as before.

This led him to set up the Reiki rules of life. Furthermore, he decided to help only those people who explicitly asked for his help and the gift of healing. He taught the people now, in addition to healing through Reiki, the rules of life, so that their mindset and mental attitude would be cured.

The following Reiki rules of life were Usui passed as part of the Reiki training and serve as a guide for everyday life, to make the student aware that his active action is important for a lasting healing.

All five rules of life give practical directions for a life in peace: with oneself, with others and in the community of all people.

There are many slightly different variations of these rules of life, as they have been translated from Japanese into English and then into German.

Today we know the meaning of the word choice for our subconscious. Our subconscious mind can speak from a spoken “I’m not angry” with no “I’m calm and calm” build. The subconscious can not recognize the denial of negative language. The words: no, not, without … etc. have no power to defuse negative words or turn them into positive ones.

Based on this knowledge, the rules were formulated in a positive way and sometimes expanded, because the subconscious mind is one of the most important helpers in achieving goals.

Today, more positive formulations are often used for the Reiki rules of life, such as the following:

  • Just today, be happy and happy.
  • Just today, rejoice.
  • Especially today you are taken care of.
  • Just today, live consciously in the now.
  • Just today accept your blessings gratefully.
  • Just today, earn your bread honestly.
  • Especially today love your neighbor, like yourself.
  • Just today, be grateful for everything, be loving to all living beings.

Furthermore, we know that I-related statements have the greatest impact on us and our subconscious mind. Since we want to use the already positively formulated rules of life for us and have to memorize these for us, the following formulations of the rules of life would prove to be optimal:

  • Just today I am happy and happy.
  • I am especially happy today.
  • I am taken care of today.
  • Especially today I live consciously in the now.
  • Just today, I gratefully accept my blessings.
  • Today I earn my living honestly.
  • Right now I love my neighbor, like myself.
  • Especially today I am grateful for everything and I am affectionate to all living things.

The deciding factor in the Reiki rules of life is the emphasis on “just today”, which can also be replaced by “right now”. Because at every moment we have the choice and the opportunity to decide freely how we want to live and what consequences our actions, thoughts and speech will have for us.

We can get angry or leave it. We can worry, or let go of the future. We can lie, steal and cheat, or be honest and honest. We can see ourselves and our own weaknesses in the next, or see Him as separate. Every moment contributes to shaping our way of life and our health.

These little wisdoms that embody these rules of life can make everyone’s life more enjoyable, so who wants to, use them. Let us be aware that we shape, shape, create, and summon what we encounter.

The Reiki rules of life are considered guiding principles for the Reiki practitioner. They support the healing process on the mental level. Dr. Usui described the rules of life as “spiritual medicine.”

“People do not stumble over mountains, but over molehills.”

Quote: Confucius

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