The third Reiki degree of the Usui Reiki system

The third Reiki degree of the Usui Reiki system

The third level of Reiki is for Reiki practitioners who have already opened their consciousness of their own spiritual beings and want to expand and train even more.

The third and final initiation in the Reiki-Usui system gives us the opportunity to experience and further explore states of consciousness and spaces that exist and operate beyond the earthly polar realities.

With the third degree, the circle of Reiki closes by the fourth symbol, the so-called master symbol (Dai Komio). The third degree – the Reiki Master, is the highest level in the Reiki system.

The third and final inauguration, which Dr. Usui was for those who were willing to devote their lives to practicing and teaching this wonderful healing art. The Status, a Reiki Master, was given as a sacred trust only to those who felt called to give up their whole being Reiki. This ideal was created by the spiritually appointed and authorized successors of Dr. Ing. Mikao Usui conscientiously continued.

Today, the third degree is often divided into two parts (the master inauguration for personal growth and teacher training). Originally, it was only one degree. The Master / Teacher degree enables you to initiate (initiate) other people in Reiki and to teach Reiki. Teacher training usually takes one to two years to develop appropriate didactic skills and grow into the task of Reiki Mastery.

At this third Reiki degree, the Reiki student gets the initiation into the Reiki Master Symbol (“Dai Komio – The Great Light”). The energy made accessible can point the way to inner mastery and help to become a “bright (glowing) human being”.

Traditionally, Master’s degree also includes training and empowerment as a Reiki teacher. However, many Reiki teachers have realized that the Master Energy is not only important to Reiki initiation, but is also very helpful for one’s spiritual development and a more powerful Reiki treatment. Many feel the need to develop themselves, but do not want to become Reiki teachers. For this reason, many free Reiki teachers pass the master degree separately from the teacher grade.

With the initiation into the third Reiki degree, we have not automatically become masters of our lives. But, like the first two Reiki degrees, it opens the gates more and more for us. Practice creates masters!

This degree is traditionally referred to as master degree. The student is initiated into the symbol Dai Komio. Traditionally, this degree also enables the initiation of others and passing on Reiki. Today, however, the Master / Teacher dedication is given separately.

“Belief and knowledge behave like the two bowls of a Libra: as one rises, the other sinks.”

Quote: Arthur Schopenhauer


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