The Strongest Thing In The World Is a Resilient Soul

The strongest thing in the world is not made of steel or diamond. It is the resilient soul that lives under a heart that knows how to sew the wounds caused by adversity with gold thread. This concept is by no means the perfect ingredient for our happiness, but for the hope that invites us to continue.

Maybe you’ve decided to work on your resilience. Maybe circumstances make you do it. But if we look around, we can see that resilience is not always achieved with the same efficiency. Not everyone manages equally well with stress and personal difficulties. We all carry our burdens with us, swim in our oceans of injustice and humiliation. We don’t always know how to get back to shore safely.

“There is no point in returning to what is over and no longer exists.”

Frédéric Chopin

The Strongest Thing In The World Is a Resilient Soul Self Help  The strongest thing in the world is a resilient soul soul

We live in a society that uses labels for everything. You are intelligent, clumsy, crazy, a hero or a failure. This one is weak and the other one is strong. The obsession with taking each character trait to the extreme and labelling it sometimes plunges us into hopelessness. We stop believing in our own potential and withdraw because this sticker sticks to our foreheads.

We are left alone with our suffering, tears and despair. Then it is not enough to remember that it is possible to practice resilience, because it is very difficult to obtain a resilient soul when we alone are . We also need someone’s trust, his compassion. And someone who enables us to blossom again so that we can become stronger, freer, more beautiful. And more resilient.

The Strongest Thing In The World Is a Resilient Soul Self Help  The strongest thing in the world is a resilient soul soul

Why some people are more resilient than others

The reason that some people are more resilient than others is because of their brain’s ability to deal with stressThere is, therefore, a biological factor that is also being studied by neuroscientists. There are many publications that help us to better understand the fascinating and complex process that forms a resilient brain.

The following key elements determine whether we are more or less resilient:

  • Genetic factors are crucial. Anxiety or the inability to deal with difficulties leave emotional scars. These are recorded epigenetically and thus passed on to future generations.
  • Education. A childhood characterized by continuous affection and attention, in which the parents always acted with the aim of providing care and orientation, is the optimal prerequisite for a child’s central nervous system to reach maturity. In contrast, childhood under traumatic conditions makes adults less resilient and more susceptible to stress.
  • Hormones and neurotransmitters. People who have great difficulty in overcoming problems tend to show lower levels of certain hormones and neurotransmitters, such as endorphins and oxytocin. The limited interaction of the limbic system with other brain regions causes these people to feel permanently defenceless. This plunges them into emotional chaos and increases their individual risk of anxiety disorders and depression.

To sum up, these three factors can make us more vulnerable or resilient: we either think of ourselves as weak, like a bird walking on two legs because it forgot that it has wings to fly, and the world as a dangerous place. Or we fly. Despite the dangers.

The Strongest Thing In The World Is a Resilient Soul Self Help  The strongest thing in the world is a resilient soul soul

The resilient soul knows that it is not worth fighting against the world

Many of us spend our lives angry with the world. We feel resentment towards our family because of the emptiness and deficiencies in our upbringing. We feel hatred for the person who hurt and left us and said, “I don’t love you anymore.”   And also for the person who said that she loves us because we know that there is one Was a lie. We hate complex and competitive reality. And sometimes we even hate life itself.

“If we can’t change a situation, we have to change ourselves.”

Viktor Frankl

We focus our eyes and our energy on the outside world, like someone who hits a punching bag over and over again until he is completely exhausted and at the end of his strength. Believe it or not, a resilient soul is not golden armour that we can put on that makes us braver and makes all the external demons go away. And there is no point in putting on impenetrable armour if we don’t take care of the injured person inside.

The strongest armour is our heart and our resilient soul, which grows when we nourish it with self-acceptance, self-esteem and hope. Even if we don’t want to admit it, there are fights that are best lost. Because if we put the past in a drawer with the old calendars, we can live in the present and create new dreams.

Little by little, day after day, new projects grow from these dreams. We get to know new people and our sails are blown up by the wind of change. And finally, the moment will come when we can think back to the past without fear and anger. A feeling of peace will spread within us as we finally allow ourselves what we deserve so much: to be happy.


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