Throat chakra for the star sign Virgo

The throat chakra – virgin chakra

The throat chakra is assigned the star sign Gemini and Virgo. The virgin chakra stands for expression willpower and freedom of choice. This fifth chakra refers to proper communication and proper language. Proper language in this specific case describes honesty and moral action. Act as you have announced and do not break promises. Dear Virgin Chakra, according to Chakra Astrology it is that throat chakra that makes us reach our goals in life.

Throat chakra for the star sign Virgo Horoscopes and Chakras Astrology And The Chakras  virgo virgin chakra Throat chakra for the star sign Virgo throat chakra chakra

Open throat chakra

Through the throat chakra, we can see how much we have already grown because our language can tell us a lot about our personal development. When your throat chakra is open, you will be able to communicate in a clear and pleasant way. According to chakra astrology, people with the Virgo Chakra as a force chakra are able to express their feelings, ideas and doubts clearly, without feeling fear or letting their vulnerability show through.

Closed throat chakra

If you have a blockage in your throat chakra you will notice that you will have difficulty communicating your views openly. Dear virgin chakra, maybe you suppress your true feelings or you are not being honest with yourself, what you really think deep inside you. Integrity is important, you always have to think about that, dear maiden chakra.


The crown chakra refers to the spiritual wisdom and applies to all 12 signs of the zodiac.

The crown chakra refers to your spirituality and your inner intelligence. This seventh and last chakra is the highest of all chakras and therefore represents wisdom and your connection to the rest of the world. This chakra is on top of her head literally the crown on her head.

Open crown chakra

If the crown chakra works well it means that you are aware of yourself and all the happenings in your environment very attentively and consciously. However, do not judge and always keep your open, unpremeditated mind. People who have an open, well-functioning crown chakra live here and now and are committed to reality. However, you are also interested in spiritual matters and like to read inspirational books about life and personal development.

Closed crown chakra

If your crown chakra is blocked you may become less flexible and suffer from stubbornness. You may even experience a lack of inspiration, which could lead to deep confusion or even depression. From time to time, you may also experience that your spiritual mind wants to turn to rationality and intellectually rationalize or analyze everything.

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